Men’s Footwear: Is It Time To Step Up Your Game?


It’s not just women who go crazy for shoes – a growing number of men are caring more about their footwear. This is because shoes tend to be one of the first items of clothing that we pick up on. Employers often look at candidates’ shoes during job interviews as a way of judging their character, just as a woman on date may look at your shoes. If you’ve never thought much about your shoes, here are a few fashion tips that could help to ensure you’re always wearing the right footwear for the occasion.


Own a couple of designer pairs

You don’t have to stick to big brands, but having a couple pairs of designer shoes could be useful for when you want to make a good impression. People pick up on the likes of Nike and Converse, whilst a generic pair may not gather as much attention. You can pay a lot more for the sake of a name, however there are ways to lower the price of designer shoes. Buying online can often get you better deals than buying in physical retail stores as is the case with these Air Jordan 11 sneakers. You can also save money by buying designer shoes second hand – you’ll find sellers on online sites like Gumtree selling shoes that haven’t even been worn that may have been an unwanted gift.


Colour co-ordinate

Shoes are great for colour co-ordinating with other items of clothes. A pair of tan suede loafers can look great matched with khaki trousers or a beige jacket. Meanwhile, a pair of red sneakers could look great paired with a red shirt for a more casual look. You can also match shoes with other accessories such as black leather shoes with a black belt and black leather watch strap.


Break the formality

A great fad at the moment is to break the formality of a dress code for a more smart casual look. You can make a pair of jeans immediately feel more formal by matching them with a pair of Ted Baker brogues and a brown blazer. You can also turn a suit more casual with some white sneakers.


Socks or no socks?

 The one time you definitely shouldn’t wear socks is with sandals, unless you want to look like an old man. It’s possible to do away with socks completely – this look has become popular when dressing smart casual. That said, some people may feel more comfortable keeping their socks on (it does prevent blisters and smelly shoes).


Look after your footwear

 A designer pair of shoes matched with the perfect outfit won’t have any impact if your shoes are worn or dirty. Make sure to keep your footwear clean and in good condition by wearing the right shoes for the right terrain and taking efforts to clean your shoes every so often.