Kris Kringle Concerns - The Complete Guide to Christmas with Coworkers



Do you have a Christmas party at your place of employment? Does it go well or is it a disaster? Do you feel like you never know what to get the boss or coworkers for Christmas presents? If you feel like this is the story of your life when it comes to the company Christmas party, then keep reading, as you are not alone in your thoughts about the holidays.

Before we can get started on figuring out the right gifts for the secret Santa pool or what white elephant gifts to get, we need to understand why the concept of Christmas with coworkers is essential.

Keep reading for the complete guide to Christmas with your Coworkers.


1. Set a Price Limit

 An essential point when reviewing the complete guide to Christmas with your coworkers is to establish a price limit. It does not matter if it is a white elephant gift, secret Santa, or a generic Christmas exchange at a host party, you must have a price limit.

Without setting a rule for the amount to spend, you could end up paying quite a lot of money on your gift, while your coworker bailed and only spent a few dollars on your present. This does nothing to help with the holiday cheer in the office setting, especially if your coworker is one that you do not particularly care for.


2. Proper Etiquette

 When setting up gift exchanges or secret Santa, make sure to use proper etiquette. Make the participation optional. This is crucial, as not everyone shares the same beliefs when it comes to Christmas. You do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or forced into doing something they do not enjoy.

If participating in secret Santa, keep it a secret until the date of reveal; do not spoil the fun for others. Lastly, have coworkers write down a few items as a wish list for the exchange to make it easier on all involved.


3. Are Gift Cards Acceptable?

 If you are participating in a gift exchange with a coworker that you do not really know, how do you get them a present they will love? It can be challenging to get the new, shy, or reserved coworker as your secret Santa, but do not let it throw you off your game.

Gift cards are acceptable to give to coworkers, although cash is not. If you know they like coffee, get them a gift card to their favourite coffee shop. Make a point to find out their interests and then get them a gift card for that particular hobby.


4. What About Handmade Gifts?

 Handmade gifts are very personal to both the giver and the receiver. You need to consider your relationship with the coworker you are giving the gift to. If you have a close relationship, you can consider giving a handmade item whether it is a scarf or baked goods. If you feel that you are not close to the recipient, then a homemade article is not the way to go as it may make them feel uncomfortable or guilty.


5. Inappropriate Gifts

 Sometimes what we find funny or clever can be offensive to others. A good rule to follow when experiencing Christmas with your coworkers is to ask yourself if you would let a child see this gift.

If the answer is no, then the gift you want to get for a fellow employee may not be appropriate to give. If you know your coworker well and they have the same attitude and values as yourself, you can give a gift that is funny, but do not be mad if the gift goes wrong and you end up in HR!


Why Company Christmas Parties are Stressful to Some

 It is almost that time of the year. The time to start planning for the company Christmas party! Do you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed when contemplating the Christmas party with your coworkers? If choosing items for coworkers at the holiday season stresses you out, then you need to understand the psychology behind gift giving.

Gift giving is for people who genuinely like each other and appreciate one another. If you have a person at your place of employment that you dislike, there is no set rule that you have to purchase them a gift. If you get their name for secret Santa, then trade with a close coworker.

Whether you give a gift card or make a handmade gift, make sure to set a price limit and use proper etiquette. By doing so, Christmas at the workplace will be fun and playful, not shallow and intimidating!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!