7 Facts You Never Thought About Stay-at-Home Dads

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As a young, single individual or maybe a young married individual without kids or the occasional parent who is set in their ways, the idea of a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) might seem taboo…

But, to some families, it sounds like the ideal world.

As our societal norms have evolved, most people have come to view the stereotypical “Leave It To Beaver” family set up as a close-minded view of marriage and a completely archaic idea.

I mean, who says moms are the only ones who can stay at home with the kids? Am I right, dads?

Several dads crave that precious and highly valued time with their children and for them, staying home fills that void.

And, it gives moms the opportunity to stay current in the workforce. Several moms go to college and earn a degree, but then feel less worthy once they leave corporate America to stay home. They have the same drive and desire to be a breadwinner for the family…

So, if a mom has found a career she really likes, why not let dad stay home while mom pursues her dreams? It is all about what works best for your family dynamic...

But, there might be a few of you who are still a little on the fence because a SAHD isn’t something you’ve really considered.


Benefits of Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

Waking up knowing that you don’t have to drive in traffic to your 8-to-5 sounds glorious, right? But, that doesn’t exactly mean you will be spending your morning sitting on the couch in your underwear eating Captain Crunch…

Of course, stay-at-home dads are taking on a big job – it is no different than being a stay-at-home mom, whose concerns extend beyond just finding the right fit of clothing for the day in their closet.

It is undeniable that the importance of a paternal role in a child’s life is great. And, especially during the first few years, that role is very influential on the rest of the child’s life. So, thanks to being a SAHD, a father can establish and foster a fulfilling relationship with their children that they might not have the opportunity to do otherwise.

It is also a great opportunity to reverse the roles and give dads some insight into the life of a mom…

Being a SAHD might be something that you take on so your wife can go back to work. And, it is hard to truly understand what it is like to stay home with the kids every day until you’ve done it.

So, by taking on the role of a SAHD, you can develop a greater appreciation for what your wife has been doing day in and day out up until that point.

Now that you are starting to see the perks of this new title, here is some more stuff to consider:


7 Facts About Stay-at-Home Dads


1.      It is a full-time job.

If you have never been a stay-at-home parent before it is hard to imagine just the amount of work that goes into it…

Surely you have some downtime while the kids are playing or napping, right?


In fact, being a stay-at-home parent leaves you putting in a lot more than just 40 hours per week.

So, yes, it is fun and yes, it is worth it – but, don’t expect it to be a walk in the park filled with long, lazy days watching war movies or your favorite stand-up.

2.      Some people still don’t approve.

Believe it or not, you will likely always face some type of criticism – no matter what you do in life.

And, some people still find the title of SAHD taboo…

So, be prepared to still hear the occasional:

“Must be nice to just lay around all day!”


“You really don’t mind letting her bring home the bacon?”

3.      Men can do everything women can do.

Woah, woah, woah – someone pick the mic up because it just got dropped. Did I really just say men can do everything women can do?


Of course, no, they can’t breastfeed. But, this statement is said within reason:

They can change a diaper, make lunches, doctor a cut, schedule playdates, and get kids down for nap time.

Believe it or not, men are not just the “babysitter” that shows up and stares at the wall all day. But, this does lead us to our next fact…

4.      Some skills take time to learn.

Yes, you can do it. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t take a few tries.

It is okay if you can’t remember how many scoops of laundry detergent go in the washing machine right off the bat, or you keep choosing the wrong naptime music…

It will come to you eventually. It takes time to perfect the SAHD role. And, you likely weren’t raised with much exposure to domestic training – making it even harder.

5.      You might feel lonely.

Don’t get me wrong – the downtime will be nice. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself craving the interaction with other adult males some days.

But, the good news – finding a SAHD is not as hard as spotting a unicorn, so there are other SAHDs you can connect with if you try.

6.      There might be some tension with your spouse.

Especially if you are making the transition from your wife staying home to you staying home, you might experience a little tension or friction between the two of you…

It can be hard for them to relinquish control of the home to you. But, soon enough they will grow to appreciate your new role.

7.      It is incredibly rewarding.

Despite the fear of judgment, boredom, and just the difficulty you have wrapping your head around the idea of it all…

It is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

What could be better than being by your kid’s side day in and day out, watching them and helping them grow into incredible human beings?

Are you considering being a SAHD now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

  Or, have you been a SAHD before? Let other readers know what it is like from your perspective.