Men’s Interest In BOTOX Is Growing


When it comes to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Charleston, SC, dermatologist Marguerite Germain regularly uses the popular injectable to help women temporarily smooth away forehead lines and crow’s feet, but she’s also observed that men are increasingly interested in the nonsurgical wrinkle solution—and she’s not the only one. Interest in cosmetic treatments, and particularly BOTOX®, is on the rise among guys across the country.

Why? There are several theories. One is that the job market has grown more competitive, especially in tech and other industries that prize youthful, nimble minds. A younger-looking face can be seen as a plus in these situations. Another theory is that dating apps and social media have encouraged more men to put more thought into their appearance. A selfie alone may be what catches a potential partner’s eye in today’s scene.

Or it could be that modern society is becoming more accepting of anyone—man or woman—who wants to make a cosmetic change.

No matter the reason, it’s clear that what was once considered by many to be the exclusive realm of women is now being visited by men in numbers never before seen by the industry. The demographic shift has gotten to the point where at least one manufacturer has taken notice and has tailored its marketing approach accordingly.

In May, BOTOX® maker Allergan rolled out a male-focused campaign—the first of its kind for the company. Recognizing that more men seem to be seeking a way to rejuvenate their faces, Allergan created televisions spots and more that speak directly to men, as opposed to the traditionally female patient base for the product.

Speaking to the online publication Medical Marketing and Media, Allergan’s vice president of marketing noted that company research revealed that almost half (40 percent) of people considering getting BOTOX® these days are men. She also said that in the last 20 years, the number of men choosing to get aesthetic procedures for themselves grew by 325 percent.

In other words, if you’re a guy who isn’t happy with his forehead and you want to do something about it, you’re not alone.

So what does BOTOX® do? In the hands of a trained and experienced dermatologist, the injectable is introduced into specific muscles in order to inhibit their activity. When these muscles stay at rest—ideally for months at a time—they can’t pull skin into what are known as “dynamic wrinkles,” which are lines and folds that form over time as the same muscles are repeatedly used to make the same expressions. Yes, every time forehead furrows appear as eyebrows are raised in surprise or a wide grin creates crinkles to the side of either eye, dynamic wrinkles are appearing.

The effects from BOTOX® injections fade over time, which allows mobility to gradually return to the treated area. As this happens, wrinkles become more pronounced and noticeable again. Men who want to preserve their less-lined look can get new injections. As maintenance treatments continue into the future, some men may find that their muscles become “trained” to rest, leading to a generally smoother look overall.

Men considering BOTOX® should note that it’s important to find a trained and experienced provider—and that dermatologists are educated and professionally focused on the skin, making them especially adept when it comes to tailoring treatments to the patient. Men and women have different skin characteristics, with male skin typically being thicker and oilier with denser underlying muscles. Because of this, one injection size does not necessarily fit all. Each BOTOX® Cosmetic patient should receive personal attention and a customized experience designed to best showcase their natural looks.

Some men may want to fully turn the clock back as far as possible on their skin, while others may aim for a look that takes a few years off, but still preserves some lines here and there to reflect the fact that they’ve got experience and authority.

Even now, other muscle-relaxing injectables are in trials and are poised to enter the market and public spotlight, likely buoyed by the knowledge that more and more people—men, specifically—are eager for nonsurgical solutions to the problem of wrinkly signs of aging. Whatever the future holds, one aspect seems clear: Men will be there for it when it arrives.

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