Misfortune Never Sleeps: Which 5 Types of Personal Injury Are the Most Common?


Suffering a personal injury can prompt all kinds of questions. Why me? I must be the unluckiest person on earth?

The nature of being injured in an accident means that it was likely something out of your control, that wasn’t your fault. You might be feeling helpless. But it may be reassuring to know you are not alone.

 Personal injuries happen every day across the United States and are far more common than you might expect. You are not alone in your suffering and a personal injury attorney can ensure you receive adequate financial compensation for your accident.

 Here are the 5 most common types of personal injury cases.


Car Accident Cases


Between 20 and 50 million people are injured in road traffic accidents every year. Personal injury cases like these play out in America’s courts every day. If a careless driver has caused a car accident, you should be entitled to compensation for your injuries.




If you slipped or fell in a public place or another person’s property, you could find that you have a strong personal injury case. The property owners have a legal responsibility to keep the premises free from hazards and maintain the property in a way that you are safe whilst on that property.

If the property owner did not carry out their legal responsibilities, they can be held accountable in the court of law.


Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice is the silent scourge of the American healthcare industry. Medical malpractice kills an estimated 200,000 US citizens each year. It is not uncommon to suffer injuries and complications as a result of the negligence of a medical professional.

When it happens, you want to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Find an attorney who specializes in the field and find out how much your medical malpractice case is worth before you proceed.


Dog Bites

Sometimes a man’s best friend becomes a man’s worst enemy. When dogs bite, the owners are often financially responsible for their canine’s actions. This could mean medical damages, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and compensation for future necessary medical treatments.

The laws surrounding dog bites vary state by state. It is therefore imperative you speak to a trained legal professional with experience in dog bite cases to determine the strength of your case.

They will also be able to inform you how you can effectively build your case and gather evidence in a thorough and diligent manner.


Libel and Slander


In this deeply connected world, character defamation can have far-reaching and drastic consequences. If your reputation has suffered due to the spread of untrue statements, and you can show how you lost money as a result, you have a strong case. 

As with any of these cases, it pays to have an experienced professional on your side when making a personal injury case. This is why it is important to choose an attorney with extensive experience in handling cases similar to yours. This will give them an accurate idea of the strength and value of your case, allowing them to push for the most financial compensation available.