Natural Remedy Or Medication: Is One Better Than The Other?

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Conventional medications like viagra sildenafil are a familiar thing for most of us. It's the kind of medication that the average physician specialises in. Natural remedies come from so-called 'alternative medicine' and include a philosophy and practice that is built on the backs of a wealth of cultures from around the world.

When it comes to treating illness, we are often persuaded to think traditional medicine is the only option. But there is a growing interest in finding alternatives to traditional medicines, and although many doctors only practice traditional medicine or alternative medicine, there are some who practice a combination of the two.

The primary difference between the traditional and the alternative is approach is that traditional medicines are used to treat symptoms and specific areas of the body, while natural remedies focus on causes and prevention, promoting overall good health using natural ingredients. The emphasis is on strengthening the immune system to protect against disease, and treatment is often individualised for specific needs.

Alternative medicine

There are many alternative medicine practices, including herbalists, acupuncturists, homeopaths and osteopaths. Some people dismiss alternative medicine because society has taught them to be suspicious of anything that deviates from the status quo. But the growing popularity of alternative medicine is happening because it isn't less effective; it's just less understood. Those who question it are often misinformed, but it can be a cheap and powerful alternative to medications if handled correctly. The trend towards seeking alternative treatments is intensifying, and you will frequently find natural remedies on the shelves next to the traditional medications.

Conventional medicine

Traditional medicine addresses symptoms with drugs or surgery. For example, if the liver is causing trouble then the liver is the focus of treatment, rather than the entire body. A cardiologist specialises in the heart, while a neurologist specialises in the brain. With all the focus being on a single area, traditional medicine can sometimes miss the broader, overlying problem. Traditional medicine can be extremely effective on many things, and its practice is based on research, lab experiments and trials. There are certain conditions that can only be addressed with conventional medication.

The best of both worlds

It's becoming more and more popular for physicians to incorporate elements of both traditional medication and alternative, natural remedies together. In many cases, the latest state-of-the-art medicine falls short of being able to help a patient by itself. It's by incorporating elements of alternative medicine alongside those medications that treatment becomes successful. These natural remedies have existed for centuries, being used to great effect in other countries by cultures far more ancient than ours.

If you're interested in trying out any kind of natural remedy, don't do anything without speaking to your physician, a pharmacist and perhaps an alternative medicine specialist to get advice about the best thing to try. Some natural remedies will not interact well with certain traditional medications, so it would not be prudent to begin taking one without advice. And for serious health conditions, it is strongly advised that you follow the treatment plan of your physician - if you stop taking your medication, there could be dire consequences.