New Era Parenting: A Phenomenal Change Into Education Sector

Every year it seems as if children are taking more and more of a back seat in their parent’s lives. This is a heartbreaking fact, as children beginning to spending less and less time with positive role models, and more with violent video games and friends that their parents don’t know.  

Your Child’s Education

A child’s education is very important, but your child is an important part, not education. This means that you do what’s best for your kid, not work toward perfect report cards so that you will look good. Only post your kids grades if you think that it will make them feel good, not so that you will look good. If your kid is failing at school or falling behind don’t make your child feel worthless or like they are letting you down, instead get someone who can work with your child one on one to bring up their grades. However, local tutors who will work with your child is an advantageous decision as it can enable better results, as a modern education method. 

No Social Media Day  

Take the weekends off as far as social media goes. Make Saturdays and Sundays secrete adventure days. These are days when you can use your phone for pictures, but those pictures will never be seen online. Instead, the moments made on secrete adventure days are just for your family and yourself. If there is a picture taken that you just love, have it copied and hung up on a wall for your family to enjoy and no one else to see. Few children truly want the world to see every move they make, so hide the best moments from the world so that only the people who were involved know about them.  

Cut Back on Electronics  

Perhaps it’s time to seriously limit your child’s video game and television intake. Some children spend more of their time playing video games than with any other activities, outside of school. Do you have any idea what your child is being exposed to on a daily basis? Would your parents have let you socialize with friends who acted and talked the way your child’s entertainment does? We are putting our children in front of an electronic babysitter that acts in ways a human babysitter would be arrested for behaving. Maybe it’s time to calm down a little and cut back on the hustle and bustle so that we can begin putting aside more family time.  

Video games have both pros and cons to them, making it necessary to keep an eye on both the amount of time your child spends playing video games and what video games they are playing. Maybe it time to limit your child’s screen time and start spending more family time.  

Interact With Your kids  

Do you truly know your child? Do you know their likes and dislikes, or their favourite colours? What about their friends, do you know your kids’ friends? Parents need to be their child’s first best friends, they should be the person who will love them no matter what, and kids need to know that they can always talk to mom or dad about their problems. As unpleasant as playing with a child might seem to an adult, parents need to spend quality time with their kids. Take that walk with your son that he’s been dreaming of, go ice-skating with your daughter, and as you get in that much-needed exercise truly listen to your kids. Go to that embarrassing ball game you know your kids going to fail, and cheer them on like a winner because no matter what if you’re on your child’s side they will feel like a winner. Hug them when they fail at anything and celebrate with them no matter what happens. 

Quit thinking about how you feel about things in your child’s life, and start asking yourself how your child feels about it. Do you love cheerleading and your child hates it? If they are in any sports activities that make them unhappy encourage them to quit and start something that will go better with their personality. And never encourage your child to quit what they love because you don’t like it. According to C.N.N. helicopter parenting or narcissist, parenting can cause your child major emotional damage, this is when you were trying to gain pride and achievement through the life of your child. 

The narcissist parent never puts their child first, in truth they probably don’t even know their child, instead, they see their child as a small version of themselves that should make their parent proud. Your child is their own amazing person, a rose waiting to bloom into something amazing and it’s your place to help them grown into the best version of themselves possible. Never try to make them be a miniature version of yourself, or you are likely to destroy the person they can be to design a cheap version of yourself.  

Today is the day you can start becoming the best mom or dad that is possible for your kids. And it all starts with removing you from the equation. Take the rest of the world out of your living room, and just love your child.