Out With The Old - 5 Household Items That Technology Is Making Obsolete

Advancements in technology happen all the time. In fact, many of these advancements are often outdated shortly after being released. Today’s technological advancements make it possible to do many of the same things their older counterparts did – only in a much faster and more portable way. 

Many of these older technologies went by the wayside a long time ago, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit a few of them, shall we? While many of you will remember these gadgets, those of you in the younger generation are likely to not even know what they are. Here are five household items that are now virtually obsolete in the home: 

1. Traditional Locks

Back in the day, a house or business was considered secured if it had deadbolts. Today’s home, however, is much more secure thanks to smart door locks that allow the homeowner to control the comings and goings of their home  - all from the convenience of their smartphones. 

While traditional tumbler locks and deadbolts did a fine job back in their day, smart locks offer much more than just a way to lock your doors. They provide peace of mind and convenience when you’re at home or away. 

2. Dumb Phones

Before smartphones, there were dumb phones, otherwise known as feature phones. These first mobile devices were handy at the time because they allowed users to make and receive phone calls on the go, send text messages, and even play a game of Snake. One of the biggest benefits of the dumb phone that today’s smartphones lack is their ability to operate for days without charging. 

3. The Phonebook

Gone are the days of storing large, heavy books full of phone numbers that you had to search through to find someone’s phone number. These things went by way of the 8-track when the internet and websites like 411.com and whitepages.com made it possible to find anyone’s number by simply entering their name and location in a search field. 

If you still receive a phone book in the mail from time to time, it’s a good bet that it’s gotten a lot smaller as more and more people forgo the traditional house lines for their more convenient smartphones. 

4. VCRs and VHS Tapes

In the beginning, there were VCRs and VHS tapes. The tapes held movies which played in the VCRs. It was all the rage and every household had them. In today’s household, you’ll likely find a box of useless VHS tapes and nothing to play them on as the machines themselves have quit working.

In their places, however, came DVDs and DVD players – both in-home and portable. These, too, were short-lived and have all but disappeared as even more modern technology takes over. Netflix, Hulu, and a wealth of other streaming services online allow users to watch TV and movies to their hearts’ content for a small monthly fee and with no extra equipment needed. 

5. Calculators

While still a handy device to have, independent calculators are quickly becoming obsolete thanks to the plethora of smartphone and tablet calculator apps. With every computer and laptop factory-equipped with an onboard calculator, there’s not much call for the stand-alone version anymore. 

It’s impossible to stop technology from advancing, and since many of these advancements make life easier, most of us welcome them. This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate where we came from, however, and that’s why we remember fondly the gadgets that brought us to where we are today.