Parenting Fears And How To Get Over Them

No matter what else is happening in life, a parent will always have fears and concerns about their children. It is just something that is built into us, a way to ensure that our children are protected at all times – as far as possible. This is a great thing and solves many problems. However, it can also be a stressful thing when those fears go too far.  

A parent who is too scared of something happening to them or their child won’t ever fully be able to enjoy parenthood, and their child won’t ever fully be able to be themselves and test those all-important boundaries. Therefore, getting over these fears (yet still being aware of them for protection) is vital. Here are some ideas.  

They Will Come To Harm

One of the biggest fears that a parent will have is that some harm will come to their child. Accidents and injuries are a big worry, and it makes sense that a parent would be concerned that something would happen and that their child would be in pain and upset, or that the injury might even be worse and be life-changing or life-threatening.  

To start with, as a parent, there is a lot you can do to stop injuries from occurring. Begin by baby-proofing (and then toddler-proofing) your home. Cover sharp corners with foam or cloth when the child starts to walk, for example, and teach them what is safe and what isn’t. A rational, calm explanation will do much more than a panicked scream. Remember also that falling down and getting knocks and scrapes is a lesson too – if you prevent every little thing from happening, they will never learn to look after themselves.  

That You Can’t Protect Them

Another fear for parents is that they will be unable to protect their child. There are often news reports about accidents or abductions involving children, and these can set off a primal fear in a parent, making them worried about everything and everyone.  

It’s important to keep in mind that as serious as these issues are, they are also extremely rare. What you need to do, even if you are afraid, is to go about your business as you normally would. Of course, be vigilant and ensure that your child is as safe as possible, but don’t stop them from going out with their friends or playing games or trying new things. They need to learn, and know that you are there for them should anything happen.  

That Something Will Happen To You

Another fear is less about something happening to your children and more about something happening to you – what if you had an accident and you were unable to take care of them? How would they manage financially and emotionally?  

Looking at this in a practical way, you should check that your life insurance is up to date and will cover everything. If you drive a car or motorcycle, you will need insurance for that too. That way, if something were to happen to you, by having motorcycle insurance in place, you will know that your children will be taken care of.  

Writing a will and appointing guardians is just as important. That way, should the worst happen, you’ll know who will care for your children.