Pros And Cons: Moving Into A High Rise Apartment

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Nowadays, most people prefer living in an apartment for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is the cost of living in a high rise apartment than renting or buying a house. While others opt for a maintenance-free living where you’ll just call your landlord if something breaks in your space. But depending on your needs, moving to a high rise apartment may be the best for you or the other way around. So to ensure that you’re doing a worthwhile moving process, here are the pros and cons you need to consider when opting a high rise way of living


Pros of Moving into a High Rise Apartment


If you enjoy the sense of community, then moving to an apartment building can be a perfect situation for you. Besides, you may prefer to rent a place than having a house of your own. If you find relocating to a high rise apartment suitable for you, let’s take a look at some advantages of living in a high rise apartment:


1.         Remarkable views – Moving into a high rise apartment means seeing the spectacular views from above. It’s something relaxing that you can always look forward to every day.


2.         Increased sense of safety and security – If you’re living alone, moving to a high rise apartment can provide you with a better sense of safety and security. This is because most apartment buildings are employed with security guards and even security systems. Also, 24/7 emergency maintenance is available where repairs are taken care of you.


3.         No traffic disturbance – Once you decide to move to a high rise apartment building, hearing the noise of traffic below will no longer be your concern. Hence, you can guarantee a good night’s sleep every night.


4.         Availability of indoor garage – If you have a car, there’s nothing to worry about because apartments like this have an indoor garage that will ensure your car’s safety at all times.


5.         Activities for residents – Relocating to an apartment on a higher level means meeting new neighbors and making new friends. Not only that because boredom will never strike you because most high rise apartments provide activities for residents.


6.         Perfect for a short-term living – If you’re unsure if you’re staying longer in a particular space, then moving to a high rise apartment can go a long way. Take note this type of apartment building offer short-term leases.



Cons of Moving into a High Rise Apartment


Let’s face it – when there are pros, there are also cons. Living in a high rise apartment may be great but it’s not absolute.  Here’s what you need to know why moving to such kind of apartment building may not be as fulfilling as you ever think:


1.      Many neighbors – If you live in a high rise apartment, you’ll certainly have neighbors everywhere. Unfortunately, having so many neighbors may cause potential trouble. For instance, you may encounter neighbors who are loud and partying all the time. What’s worse is that you may receive complaints from them for holding a couple of drinks with your friends.


2.      Operated with rules – While you want to live an independent life, you may not do that if you move into a high rise apartment. Besides, you may feel that you’re staying in a dormitory with all the rules enforced by the landlord. For instance, you may end up asking permission from the building manager if it’s allowed for a friend to sleep over.


3.      Difficult parcel delivery – Parcel delivery can be very difficult if you’re staying in an apartment building. One of the reasons is that no safe place for the postman to deliver and leave your package while you’re not around. As a result, you’ll not be able to get your package on time.


4.      Pet restrictions – If you’re moving with your pet, then staying in a high rise apartment will not work. Apart from limited space for your pet to run around, it’s sometimes impractical to take your dog for a walk on a higher level.


5.      Building problems – When your neighbor’s pipe bursts, it will also become your cause of concern. The same goes when your neighbor’s kitchen is set on fire or maybe there are rodents and bugs into the building. Since you and your neighbors are living in the same building, their problems will also be yours.


6.      Noise everywhere – Even if you can’t hear the noise of traffic downstairs, it doesn’t mean you’re free from noise most of the time. Your sleep may be disturbed by your neighbor’s banging of the next door or assembling of their furniture.



Final Words


Relocation can be very overwhelming. And there’s no perfect way of doing the entire moving process smoothly and quickly. But if you think of transferring into an apartment, we hope you’ve found this article resourceful when it comes to your moving decisions. For a stress-free move, look for professional movers for hire who can help with your needs