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Gaming And Kids: Guide For Parenting In The Digital Age

The biggest selling video games tend to be over the top in all regards. The graphics are breathtaking, the gaming worlds are enormous, and the gameplay is memorable. However, elements that many parents would find undesirable also tend to...

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Influence Of Words That Fathers Use To Their Child

To all the fathers out there: Your words are very powerful, use them wisely! It was my daddy who taught me to value and accept myself, he told me that I was exceptionally beautiful and that I was the most valuable thing in life. And you know what? I believed every word that he said. My friend Tommy was not as fortunate...

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No, Adrian Peterson. It is Not OK to Beat a Child With a Stick

Last week Adrian Peterson, Running Back for the Minnesota Vikings, was indicted by a Grand Jury in Texas for Child Abuse. While discussing it with various people, I have been absolutely stunned by those putting up a defense. Not just defending Peterson, but actually defending the practice of beating a child with a stick

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