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Not All Fathers Are Feckless. Let's Cut Them Some Slack

There has been a lot of surprise that a rugby star is to front a campaign encouraging men to share parental leave when the new legislation comes in to force in April. Ben Foden plays for the Northampton Saints and is expecting to be mocked by fans and team-mates for this role. “There will be some changing room banter,” said the dad of two-year-old Aoife. “It’s part and parcel of being a rugby player.” 

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This Rugby Star Wants Dads To Be More Hands-On

England rugby star Ben Foden has said he is just as happy changing nappies as he is on the pitch. The father-of-one, who is fronting a Government drive to encourage fathers to play a greater role in raising their babies, isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up and immerse himself in parenthood. “In this day and age women can just as easily be the main breadwinner as men,” said the 29-year-old Northampton Saints fullback, who has a two-year-old daughter, Aoife Belle, with his wife, Saturdays singer Una, whom he married in 2012.

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How Good Dads Can Change the World

As well as fighting for women’s equality, we should be lobbying for men to be equal partners at home. The financial and cultural benefits would change our world. Tony has been accumulating identities. He’s the son of Mexican immigrants; his father was abusive. He’s a high school drop-out. He was a gang member and then an inmate who’d been jailed for gang activity and the use of a deadly weapon. Gang tattoos are still inked onto his face, like scarlet letters.

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