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Domestic Violence From A Man’s Perspective

Most people’s minds go directly to the man as the perpetrator of violence in domestic disputes, but the statistics tell a much different story.  What you “hear” is not always the truth of the matter.  The truth of the matter is that it is estimated that nearly half of all domestic violence assaults involve a male as the victim.  Sadly, both men and women violate the sacred pact of personal space, and it’s time that people begin to understand this fact.  Take a moment to read a bit of information regarding the prevalence of male victims in domestic violence cases, and expand your outlook on the topic.  

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Hope Solo: US Soccer Doubling Down on Domestic Violence Double Standard?

It takes a lot to match the N.F.L these days when it comes to missteps in the handling of players charged with assaulting family members and loved ones. But Thursday, at a time when domestic violence in sports is dominating the national conversation, U.S. Soccer did just that — again — by keeping Solo in goal when she shouldn’t have been anywhere near it.

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