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One Girl's Struggles Can Change The World

I wrote this article for Every Little Thing Magazine just after Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban back in 2012, for the daring to be a girl who wanted an education. This morning, I listened to her acceptance speech for her richly-deserved Nobel Peace Prize: proof that respect for human rights is not a political issue - it's a humanity issue regardless of gender, race or beliefs.

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Hope Solo: US Soccer Doubling Down on Domestic Violence Double Standard?

It takes a lot to match the N.F.L these days when it comes to missteps in the handling of players charged with assaulting family members and loved ones. But Thursday, at a time when domestic violence in sports is dominating the national conversation, U.S. Soccer did just that — again — by keeping Solo in goal when she shouldn’t have been anywhere near it.

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