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Finding Money To Finance Family Projects: Cash In On Old Cars

As the family handyman, you think and dream and plan about ways to transform your home into something that offers more enjoyment for everyone. Whatever the case, it’s going to take money, and you can’t short the household budget to finance your project. There’s good news. That old car you’ve been holding onto? You can sell it for cash.

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Got The Holiday Gift Shopping Blues? Try These Ways To Save Cash

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming and now we are right in the thick of it. The clock is running, and it seems like you will need more cash than ever to get all the shopping on your list this year. On Black Friday 2017, American holiday shoppers spent a record $5 billion in 24 hours, just online,  a 16.9% increase in dollars spent online compared with Black Friday 2016, according to data from Adobe Digital Insights.  So the pressure to spend and yet need to save money on holiday shopping is well and truly on - so here are some tips to try and make your holiday shopping a little less painful.

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There Are Many Ways To Earn Extra Cash! Some Are Really Unusual…

With all of the craziness in politics right now, very few news outlets are reporting anything other than political arguments on Twitter and the downfall of famous and wealthy people.  Meanwhile, the rest of us folks are trying to find ways to get quick cash just to survive, let alone prosper, and so we could also do with ways to help us laugh the financial blues away.  So today, we are going to look at the wilder side of making extra money – don’t worry, nothing illegal or unpleasant – these are ways to inspire you to find imaginative ways to make the extra cash that you need so much.

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