There Are Many Ways To Earn Extra Cash! Some Are Really Unusual…


‘Tis the holiday season, and most of us would like to find uplifting stories to spread good cheer to all. The reality, however is with all of the craziness in politics right now, very few news outlets are reporting anything other than political arguments on Twitter and the downfall of famous and wealthy people.

 Meanwhile, the rest of us folks are trying to find ways to get quick cash just to survive, let alone prosper, and so we could also do with ways to help us laugh the financial blues away.

 So today, we are going to look at the wilder side of making extra money – don’t worry, nothing illegal or unpleasant – these are ways to inspire you to find imaginative ways to make the extra cash that you need so much.


 Here Are Some Cold Hard Facts About Debt


Americans owe an awful lot of money in credit card debt, topping 1 Trillion dollars at the end of 2016, according to CNBC , with an average of credit card interest arte of 19.36 percent, an average household paying $1332.90 in credit card debt every year. Only 42% of credit card holders pay off their balance each month, and of cardholders who keep a balance, about 50 per cent only make the minimum payment some of all of the time (which does not make any dent in the amount owed to the credit card company, and interest continues to accrue on the account on the balance).

 The other really surprising fact is the sheer size and scale of auto-loan debt – as of 2016 the total auto-loan debt was 1.16 trillion dollars, and an average auto loan amount on a new car is $30,032 and the average payment is $503 per month. Pretty bleak reading, especially considering that the Center For Microeconomic Data’s latest Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit reveals that total household debt rose to record levels in the third quarter of 2017, rising $116 billion to reach $12.96 trillion, and outstanding balances rose 1.9 percent on auto loans and 3.1 percent on credit cards.

 Bleak reading, isn’t it? Well, not all is lost. In difficult times, people find inspiration in the strangest places and in the most extreme of circumstances. After all, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan


7 Amazing Ways To Make Extra Cash


Let’s look at some amazing ways that everyday folk make money – maybe none of them are for you, and instead you can always click here to see how you can get quick cash by more conventional and straightforward methods. But as we are trying to be creative and look at the lighter side of financial blues, let’s not rule anything out, and take a look at a few ideas here:

1. Hair selling – if you have hair to spare, you can sell your hair online, via a site like HairSellOn . Yes, your if your tresses are 5 inches long or more you can make some fast cash

 2. Selling Bodily Fluids – there is an ‘yuck’ factor here for the squeamish, but if you are in good physical shape, you can sell you blood or donate sperm, “Increasingly, industry officials say people are hoping to trade spare body fluids, tissues and other parts for payments that can range from $20 to $50 a pop for blood plasma to $60 to $100 for a shot of sperm, $200 for a shiny ponytail and up to $7,000 for a fertile egg.” per Short on Cash at MSNBC.

 3. Become a Professional Eater – yes, this is era of competitive eating, where some competitions have as much as $10,000 prize money, and some professionals earing in excess of six-figures per year…we’re sorry, we couldn’t possibly recommend this for health and ethical reasons, but we had to mention it!

4. Test Ice-Cream – not just an urban myth, it’s true, they do exist – meet John Harrison who samples ice cream for Dreyers, as his profession! What a dream job!

5. Promote your supermodel pet – if you have a beautiful pooch or kitty, you can turn them into a You Tube or Instagram superstar. People have made as much as $100,000 promoting their pet divas.

6.Become a fake patient – if you love Greys Anatomy and all things medical, you can make $15-20 per hour pretending to be a patient for medical students and evaluating their bedside manner.

7. Create a membership subscription service – for example, if you love going to dive bars, we found someone who had carted a t-shirt club that sends out a limited edition t-shirt from “America’s Best Dive Bars” to members who pay a $22 subscription every month. Maybe you have an unusual hobby that you could turn into a subscription service – we have found some selling socks, and even used (but clean) underwear!

There are countless ways that you can make extra cash, and our special tip is whatever you choose to do, you should always create a blog, and write about your business to promote it. This provides you with free advertising, and this alone can create a huge extra income stream. There are earning opportunities everywhere, that you can do almost anytime and from anywhere.

 Go on, challenge yourself – see how creatively you can think! Set a yourself a goal - how much you can add to your bank account this month?