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Feeling Out Of Touch? Here's The Key To Connecting With Your Kids

It happens to the best of us, it happens to the worst of us. Eventually, we all start to lose track of what’s cool and in style with kids or even teenagers. This isn’t your fault. Your life is filled with other commitments, and there is often no time to keep in touch with the latest trends. That’s why you might want to look at some of the ways that you can reconnect with your kids and recapture some of that lost youth.

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You Need To Defend Your Online Reputation – Here Is Why And How

Your online reputation is almost akin to a part of the human body these days. It follows you wherever you go, it can become ill, and can cause you harm even whilst you sleep! For these reasons it is important to take steps to build and protect your online reputation on a regular basis. The good news is that with regular effort online reputation management can be simpler than you might think.

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Navy SEAL's Intimidating Rules For Dating His Daughter Go Viral

Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell became famous after his harrowing experience during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan, which became the subject of the Oscar-nominated film "Lone Survivor." Recently, the military veteran has made headlines again for a Facebook status he posted about a very different topic -- fatherhood.

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