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How To Explain Gas To Kids While Summer Roadtripping

While roadtripping for the summer, you can look forward to all kinds of questions that require explanations about what is gas, what is oil, how the engine works and more. It’s “Why is the sky blue?” all over again except with mechanical whirligigs and gears — and science! Here’s what you need to know and how to explain gas, of the car variety, to your kids while on the road.

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How Should You Prepare Your Car for the Canadian Winter?

Canada’s winters are beautiful, but challenging. While most of us love to see snow falling and feel a crisp chill nipping at our nose, there’s no denying that winter makes getting out on the road a pain.  Driving to work, heading to the store for groceries, taking the kids to school, and other everyday journeys take some planning. You should have already prepared your car to cope with the Canadian winter, but if you haven’t, what do you need to do?

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