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Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be A Road Trip

Every dad needs to experience the quintessential family road trip at least once. Road trips are a wonderful way to introduce the kids to travel and see the country for less. In fact, 79% of Americans favor family road trips as a way of reconnecting and bonding together in today’s busy world, AAA reports. You get to set the pace and it doesn’t matter how slow you go, so you’re free to focus on spending time with your family.

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Staying Safe When Working On The Roads

Road work construction is a dangerous profession. With vehicles flying past at close quarters, most of the time in the darkness of night, the men and women that work on the roads put themselves at risk every time they do their job. Procedures can be put in place, though, to ensure the safety of road construction workers. To see just what you should be doing, below are three tips for staying safe.

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How To Prevent Common Summer Car Malfunctions

During the summer months, your car may be more prone to performance problems than you realize. The last thing you want is to get stranded on the freeway or in a remote spot on a scorching day. What are the most common car malfunctions you might face over summer and how can you prevent them?

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