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Baby Tech that Even Dads Can Appreciate

Baby stuff mostly bores me out of my mind, with the exception of video monitors which are kind of fun to experiment with. Maybe other dads get into onesies, baby booties and bottles, but me, not so much. All is not lost for dads in baby gear land however. Check out these very cool new ideas, tech and inventions that probably came out of the mind of some bored guy staying up all night watching his baby do whatever babies do.

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What Is Baby Monitor Best: Audio Vs. Video?

Living in such an era, you might not want to miss a single glance of your dear little baby as a parent, right? Baby Monitors are exactly what can let you observe what your little one is up to in a particular moment. If you are one of those parents looking forward to monitoring to whatever your child is doing in the nursery, this post is absolutely for you. Hope this post will help you to understand which baby monitor Is best: audio or video, and find you the best baby monitor effortlessly. Let’s get started!

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