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Don’t Fall Victim To A Locksmith Scam

If you’ve ever been in a situation when you’ve been locked out of a vehicle or your home, you know how vulnerable you are. Even if you’ve never experienced this yourself, you can probably imagine what you might be feeling. For many reasons, not being able to gain access to your home or car can create feelings of urgency, of frustration, even of desperation, and that is exactly what locksmith scammers are counting on.

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3 Lifesaving Car Seat Rules Dads Should Follow for Child Safety

Dads will do anything to protect their children from harm. And that protective instinct kicks in immediately on the day your son or daughter is born. As soon as you hear you’re going to be a father, copious amounts of research begin to make certain you purchase the safest car seat on the market.   To help with your planning, these three lifesaving car seat rules take you from buying a seat to installing it in your vehicle and properly placing and securing your baby in it.

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