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The Dad's Basic Guide For Moving With Kids

Just like moms, dads have it rough as well. They have to be “the man of the house” in many ways – be it as house dads, as working professionals, and even sometimes the one-stop-shop for all things construction, electric, and even plumbing. And in a house move, this is perhaps one of the many times we rely on dads most of all. If you’re a dad, this can get overwhelming real fast – but this doesn’t make the house move impossible. In fact, there are a ton of ways to get this to work. Here are some of those ways:

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3 Things To Consider When Looking For A New Home For Your Family

Buying a home for your family is a big decision. Not only is this the place where you and your little ones will grow together and build strong familial bonds, but it’s also likely to be a big financial investment that you’re tied to for years to come. Because of this importance, you want to be sure you make all the right decisions for the ones you love. To help you in doing this, here are three things to consider when looking for a new home for your family.

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3 Simple Ways To Avoid Injuries When Moving House

Are you moving home this spring? It is a time that every dad dreads, what seems like endless days of moving boxes around in the garage, lifting heavy furniture and using muscles that are more accustomed to opening the refrigerator. This burst of activity is not only taxing on your mind, but most as us are unaccustomed to bending, stretching and lifting heavy irregular sized objects for hours a day, sometimes for days on end, it will take its toll on your body. So we are going to look at sensible ways to avoid injuries when moving home.

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