The Advantages Of A Keyless System For Your Business

The Advantages of a Keyless System for Your Business.jpg

Keeping your business secure is paramount. You have to invest in the best system you can and keep it well-maintained to maximize your protection. If you overlook the quality of your security, your business may be at risk from vandals, thieves and worse. 

Keyless systems are increasingly popular today, and while they might sound complicated, they’re actually easier to understand than you may expect. A keyless system is a fantastic choice for companies of all sizes, but what advantages does it offer?


Tighter Security


Keyless systems deliver a higher level of security for your property. They are designed to track entry / exit times for all employees, allow you to add / remove access permissions, ensure all doors are locked and more.

While standard door locks are robust enough, keys may be lost, forgotten or copied. Unauthorized access can become a problem as a result, and keeping your keys accounted for often becomes problematic if you have a large workforce.

You can avoid this danger with keyless systems as you’ll rely on passcodes instead, which are easy to update. You’ll be able to monitor who’s able to enter or leave your business, when people come and go and ultimately feel more in control.


More Convenience, Less Risk


Your employees will no longer have to carry standard keys to access the workplace. This is a major convenience for those who might be more likely to lose them or forget to bring them along; they won’t have to rely on colleagues to help them get inside either!


Once you know the passcode, you and your workers can come and go as you please. The tighter security a keyless system provides can contribute to a more safety-conscious company culture too.


Employees should be made more aware of other aspects of security when you have a keyless system installed, such as keeping the passcode discrete, checking windows are secure and suggesting ways to enhance workplace safety further. Take the opportunity to deliver some training.


You should make sure your workforce is fully-informed of what the new keyless system is, how it works and the benefits it will bring to the company. The better they understand it, the more you will all get out of using it.


Save Money in the Long Run

Installing a keyless system in your business can save you money over time. How?

First and foremost, the improved security reduces the potential expense of replacing stolen or damaged windows, equipment or property. Secondly, there are no costs to replace misplaced or stolen keys, or to have locks changed if this happens.


On a related note, you won’t have to pay to change locks whenever an employee leaf either. You’ll have greater peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that nobody will be able to gain unauthorized entry.


Finally, keyless systems eliminate the demand to pay for spare keys if your workforce keeps growing and growing.


The money you save can be channeled into other aspects of running your business, such as upgrading equipment or hiring more staff.


Keyless Systems Suit All Business Types


Keyless systems work for companies of all types, across all sectors and locations. Whether you operate a small retail store, a pharmacy, a bank, a marketing agency or anything else, investing in a keyless system will help to reinforce your business security.


Different kinds of keyless systems are available, catering to businesses on diverse budgets. At Prima Locksmith, our team of experienced, skilled locksmiths will install your keyless system at a highly competitive rate.


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