Prepare Your House For The Holiday Vacations - Security Tips for Your Home

safe-home.jpg Prepare Your House For The Holiday Vacations - Security Tips for Your Home

You have to make sure your property is as safe as possible at all times.


You might have spent more time at home with your family over summer, but now you’re back at work and your kids are in classes, your house or apartment will be left unsupervised for longer.


Likewise, if you’re enrolled at college, you want to make sure your possessions are safe while you’re in studying. You’re living in a public environment with thousands of people all around you and crime is, sadly, inevitable. 


What can you do?


Invest in a quality safe


A solid safe is a smart investment for everyone. While you may think you don’t have any goods valuable enough to justify the purchase, consider what would happen if someone broke into your property and stole your passport or bank details.


Keeping these locked away in a safe provides much-needed peace of mind and protection while you’re away at work or in class. Money, jewelry and other important pieces should all be stored in your safe too.


You can choose from different types of safes, such as those with standard key-based locks, digital keypads or combination locks. Everyone has a budget to stick to, but you should find an affordable model to suit you. Pay attention to the fire rating too.


You should install your safe in a hidden spot. If you’re a homeowner, the ideal space could be behind a painting or in a hard-to-reach area. If you’re at college and have limited room in your dorm, consider placing it under a pile of laundry or behind a set of drawers.


Just don’t leave it sitting out in the open!


Install CCTV cameras


Surveillance cameras (or CCTV) work as both a deterrent to potential criminals or vandals as well as recording valuable footage should a prosecution be necessary.


Placing one or multiple cameras around your property will show unwanted visitors that you take security seriously. You might even choose the biggest, least-discrete cameras you can find to warn criminals off.


Subtle cameras are available through, which will capture images with lower risk of discovery. These are easier to install than you may imagine, and a local expert should get your cameras set-up in next to no time.


Fit new security locks


When did you last update your security locks?


It’s easy to assume the locks on your doors and windows are tough enough to keep anyone out of your property, but don’t fall into this trap. If your locks appear old, weak or even slightly insecure, make investing in new ones a priority.


This can make a big difference: if a budding burglar finds your doors or windows demand too much force to break in discretely, they might cut their losses and walk away. Speak to your local locksmiths about the best options for your budget and property type. They will be able to offer advice and help you find the right option.



Keep spare keys safe


A spare key is essential — but where can you keep it safe?


Don’t leave it in an obvious spot, such as under that rock right next to your front door or behind a plant on your porch. Anyone looking to get inside without having to break and enter will search all the usual spaces before resorting to more extreme tactics.


Consider investing in a magnetized lock box that attaches to the bottom of your car. This is ideal if you’re only ever at home when your vehicle is, as your spare key will be within reach at all times.


Alternatively, leave your key with a neighbor you trust.


At A 24 Hour Locksmith Sacramento, our team of expert locksmiths can install CCTV cameras, fit new security locks and cut spare keys for you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about securing your property!