The Possible Health Benefits Of Gaming

computer gaming

Most people these days are more health conscious. We know that certain foods are healthy. We have an idea of what kinds of vitamin and minerals we need to consume more of. Exercise has become a part of many people’s daily routine, and some of us are even practicing healthy hobbies like mindfulness. However, few people are aware that gaming can be healthy, particularly for your cognitive health.

    For example, empirical evidence has shown that gaming can strengthen certain areas of our brain. For example, the areas that are in charge of spatial awareness are strengthened by gaming, as are your planning skills, your memory, and other cognitive skills. Likewise, it has been shown that gaming can help you to recuperate after trauma. For example, research showed that those who had been in an accident, or who had recently had surgery, were quicker to recover if they played video games. This shows us that, though we are much more knowledgeable about how to live a healthy life nowadays, there are some things that can take us by surprise.

    If you are quite healthy, and you eat well, watch what you put into your body, and you try and exercise and look after your body and your mind, then carry on doing what you are doing. As well as this, though, dust off your games console, plug in and play!

For more info about the possible health benefits of gaming, check out the infographic below from  Computer Planet.

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