There Are Just So Many Reasons To Love The Motorcycle!


Many dads are becoming increasingly aware of driving down their carbon footprint by driving fuel efficient vehicles, with an increasing number looking for new solutions, such as hybrid and electric cars However, at this stage of the game, these vehicles are still more expensive to buy than conventional cars, and certainly far pricier than an exciting motorcycle! Let’s face it, dads love motorcycles!

Let’s Be Practical

However, the freedom and low running costs of the motorcycle engine has been attractive to so many since the early 1900s, and , no commercially ready solution so far has been able to compare to the motorcycles legendary conservation of gasoline.

The main reason that motorcycles receive such excellent fuel mileage, is simply a matter of weight. Obviously there is less machine and driver to propel forward, so more economy. No car, electric or otherwise can compete with the efficiency of the motorcycle battery. Then there is the “thrill of the road” factor self-respecting motorcycle riders love. A slam-dunk for so many enthusiasts!

 Family Riders

Some dads claim that their motorcycle is far better for them than a small car, with some families of three riding a motorcycle with a mounted side car (and have one passenger in the side car, while the other passenger rides behind the driver). Using this configuration still allows for fuel savings, and gives the family some time spent on the open road in a fun and enjoyable way. When using this configuration, consider using a set of helmet mounted radios so that the whole family can communicate with each other.

Save Money

Some motorcycles are able to achieve fuel economy of 100 miles per gallon of fuel, standard, comparable or better than many more expensive hybrid cars. Take note that in addition it is generally cheaper for motorcycle insurance than for automobile insurance (subject of course to the fact that the amount paid is based upon the drivers experience, driving history, motorcycle or automobile type, safety factors of each vehicle, and the actual cost of the vehicle).

Car vs. Motorcycle

So should you buy a motorcycle to replace your car? Well if you do then you will join the increasing ranks of those who do! In a recent study, an independent company found that the sales of motorcycles have risen dramatically. I’m sure that these people did not simply trade in their cars for their new motorcycles. Rather they have started using the motorcycles for day to day errand running and such.

Fun Factor

To ride or drive? Many feel like riding a motorcycle is as close as one can get to low altitude flying. This sensation is what creates and motivates the true motorcycle, and unless you can afford to drive a supercar, it’s unlikely that you will feel the same in a car! A motorcycle can be a man's pride and joy, have a variety of high quality motorcycles for you to choose from.

So then dads, fire up the motorcycle, crank up your favorite road music. Listen to the roar of the engine and ride with joy…and safety!