These Dads Inspire Their Kids Everyday With Amazing Illustrations

Every day when these boys open up their lunchbox - they get an extra helping of inspiration.

This is how to send your child to school in style - with their own personal cartoon every single day.

One dad has been doing just that. Brent Almond sends his son Jon to school with a post-it note in his lunchbox, and the post-it note features an inspirational cartoon made just for Jon each day.

Brent is a graphic designer who runs a blog called Designer Daddy, and uses his skills to inspire his son.

His drawings are now becoming famous worldwide after he started posting them to Instagram.

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Brent isn't the only creative dad who sends his child to school with inspirational lunchbox doodles. Jonathan Palmisano inks his son a drawing every day too.

There's no way you can fail a test with this -