This Dad Created a 22 ft. Tall Olaf Snowman


Wittenberg, WI — A Wisconsin man took the mounds of snow piling up in his yard and turned it into something that’s now warming hearts everywhere.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it,” said Paul Dahms, Wittenberg resident.”Lots of cars driving by and lots of people saying it looks really cool.”

This giant “Olaf” snowman stands about 22 feet tall and 12 feet wide at the base.

Dahms his daughter gave him the inspiration to build the famous snowman from the movie Frozen.

“Lainey wanted a snowman, so I said I’d build her one and she kind of was with the whole Olaf kick this year; I tried to shape it or get it as close to Olaf as I could.”

He says he began building it in December, adding a little more each snowfall.

“The first two sections, snowblowed everything into the driveway into one spot and then just kind of shaping it up from there,” he explained.

He used a variety of tools to create Olaf’s distinctive grin.

“If you look at Olaf’s head it’s not the straightest thing in the world and trying to get the angle and stuff like that was a little harder than I thought, but I did it the best I could,” he said.

After 50 total hours of work Dahms finally finished his “Frozen” masterpiece on Friday, much to the delight of the neighborhood.

“I think he’s terrific,” said Pat Boldig, neighbor.” I think Olaf is just cute.”

Dahms said it’s those reactions that make his hard work so rewarding.

“Just for my daughter to enjoy and anyone else who wants to come by and look at it to come by and take pictures with it,” Dahms said.

Showing it might take something frozen to make this season a little warmer.

“It makes winter go by just that much faster,” Boldig.