Thredbo With Your Little Ones - Yes, Please!


Thredbo is a beautiful and exciting place to vacation.

It is a place where people go to vacation, to do mountain biking, fishing, relax, handle business matters or enjoy off-work quality family time.

If you are planning to stay overnight in Thredbo, make sure to browse through all the options. Some of the Thredbo accommodation options will include spectacular views that your family will enjoy (and WiFi, because, well… we all need it!).

We have put together your “Travel With Kids” list that will hopefully help you plan easier and faster so you have more time to enjoy with your family.

Note: You know your child better than anyone. This is just a support list to help you get started.

  • Juice, water, and a cup. TIP: freeze a bottle of water and put all your drinks in a gallon size ziplock baggie. This will keep all the drinks cold and at the end of the day you will have a fresh, cold, water due to the ice melting.

  • Snacks your child will eat. Do not expect they will have seedless grapes at the Children’s Museum snack shop, or zoo.

  • Extra diapers, pull-ups, or underwear  and extra pants or shorts

  • Meds for fever, gas, coughing, and any prescription meds they may need.

  • Your phone, charger along with a charged power pack

  • Two outfits per child

  • If your child has a special toy or blanket they sleep with, take it.

  • Make sure you have their favorite shows on your phone or tablet to keep them busy.

  • Sunscreen

Bonus tips

  • Remember, the one thing you have that keeps your child entertained and happy is playing with you. Once you get to the destination that you select, they will wear themselves out having fun. Until then, it is just a little time. You will be fine and so will they.

  • Be very careful what you allow your little one to eat for the day or two before the adventure. Make sure they do not have caffeine, sugar, or other things that cause them to get hyper.

  • Kids today have access to tablets, computers, and smartphones very young. These tools can be very educational and entertaining. But it takes a couple of hours for their brain to go from fast activity (anything electronic keeps the brain going rapidly, even if it looks average to us.) For at least two hours before you want them to nap.

  • People

Have you noticed that it is just when you enter a restaurant, mall, or doctor's office, your child goes into a complete meltdown? You do your best to calm the child, to encourage the child. But nothing works. These are the people who seem to migrate to every melt down my son has ever had.

  • The people who glare at you

    • These people have an obvious disapproval of you, your child, and probably of the position of the planet Earth in the solar system. Even after the child is calmed down. They still glare at you.  Do not let this person bother you. While I cannot prove it, I believe the doctor gave them that look upon their arrival and their face has been stuck that way ever since.

  • The Mumbler

    • This person pretends it be talking low, but they ensure you can hear them. They make comments like “Why do people bring their kids with them, when they obviously cannot control them.”

You could take the high road and ignore them, or you could sweetly say, “ “I’m sorry my child is being loud. The bubble will not fit on the bus and the medications they give him to keep other people from catching his disease only lasts 3 hours. It causes some discomfort, but don’t worry, he won’t be contagious for 20 more minutes then we will meet up with the infectious disease team, so it's all good.” More than likely, they will move as far away as possible and will exit at the next stop.

Feel free to travel with your child. Thredbo is a great place to relax, have family fun, and get your adult errands taken care of at the same time.