Three Things Dads Should Consider When Buying a Family Car


Up to 30% of UK households consider family journeys as the second most popular reason for purchasing a second car, after work use. If you’re a dad-to-be with a family on the way, or already have one, we all know that buying a car is no longer about finding reasons to convince yourself that a two-door coupe is better than the sedan you had planned to buy or justify a more powerful engine. Now, things like space to fit a baby seat and cargo space do matter when it comes to buying a car as a parent.  

Whether you’re looking to replace your old SUV or looking to add a more spacious car for your growing family, here are three things every dad should consider when buying a family car.


Family-Friendly Safety Features


When it comes to shopping for a car for your family, safety should be your top priority. In case of an accident, you want the car to offer the level of protection you expect from your investment. Luckily, vehicle safety features are becoming more advanced every year. For instance, if you’re a dad and planning to buy the latest range of family cars like the Volkswagen Golf Estate or the Passat, you’re set to enjoy features like side airbags, child-lock seats, driver monitoring software, parking assistance and other features to make sure you travel safely.  

Before you buy a family car, you must look at the safety ratings, which include how sturdy the car is in a crash and if it’s likely to roll over. Make sure to weigh all the vehicle safety features before making a purchasing decision. Safety features are not always reliable when it comes to protecting your family. Make sure you have the right vehicle insurance policy for your Volkswagen or other vehicle brands. Insurance cover will be critical in case you have an accident and need to replace your family car or get compensated for vehicle damage.


Space You’ll Need in the Car


How much space do you need in your family car? While a small family vehicle may not need any more space than a regular four-door sedan, having a family with multiple kids means that you’ll need extra space in your car to carry your entire family and carry extra luggage with ease. Ask yourself whether you’re buying an exclusive family car, how often you need additional space and how often you’ll be carrying your family around. If you’ll be carrying more things than passengers, you should opt for a car with a large truck instead of one with third-row seating. Additionally, if you have a big family or will be carrying extra passengers, buying a seven or eight-seater family vehicle that is comfortable is ideal.


Consider Vehicle Functionality


While most dads will want a car that performs well, practical functionality is key when it comes to buying a family car. That means ensuring that the car comes with all the critical features that make a family car what it should be. Consider what vehicle features your kids want to have such a DVD player to play videos to keep them busy during long rides. Look out for other features like extra cup holders, reversible back seats that allow passengers to face each other during long trips, a good quality entertainment system, reliable AC control, automatic doors, quality upholstery and rear reverse camera.

While buying a family car may be all about making sure you, your spouse and lovely kids are traveling in comfort, this doesn’t mean that you neglect the car’s engine size, overall power and how well it drives. Buying a family car that is suitable for your family means that it should also be fun to drive. Consider these three tips when buying a family car and you’ll be good to go.