Tips For Completing Common Honey-Do List Tasks


Being a dad is a big enough job without fulfilling the role of husband/partner to your significant other, but the two often come hand in hand.  Keeping up around the house is a necessary evil when you’re working to support a happy, healthy lifestyle for your family.

If your honey-do list seems never-ending, you’re in luck.  Here is a brief compilation of a few helpful tips that will get you on your way to completing the honey-do list around your home. Take notes as you discover new suggestions and lifehacks, and have fun getting stuff done.

Looking out for your energy consumption

The energy efficiency of your house makes a huge impact on your monthly expenses.  Without proper window installation and upkeep, you could be paying double what you should be paying for energy usage each month.  

Honey, do your job and make certain that your home is properly sealed.  If you’re no construction wizard, choose the right professionals to get the job done.  An HDB window contractor will take care of the messy work for you.  

Landscaping is easier with technology

You don’t have to be a rugged dude to be good at keeping up with things around the yard. Make your special someone see your drive to get things done, and enlist the assistance of technology as you tend to your home’s landscaping needs.  

Self-propelled push mowers were all the rage when they were first released, but tech advancements have seen to it that you don’t even have to break a sweat at you mow the lawn.  Get an electric, autonomous mower, and you can sit in the shade with a mixed drink while the sweet smell of fresh cut grass fills the air.  

Spruce up the grimy corners of your tub

When you’ve lived in a place for a while, there are some things that are bound to need refreshing.  The bathroom is one of those spaces, and your tub area is the worst. Mildew and grime tend to build up in cracks and crevices, and caulking goes bad over time.  

The good news is that re-caulking your bathtub/shower area is a job you can get done in just a day’s time.  For less than $40, you can have your bathing area looking next to new all over again.  Then, sit back and enjoy a few more years of beauty in the bathroom.  

Extinguishing seasonal household pests

If your home isn’t brand new (and sometimes even when it is), you can have yearly battles with common household pests.  If you find yourself caught off guard, your household could suffer a miserable existence. Get a heads up on yearly invaders, and treat for the regulars early.