Keeping the Little Ones Entertained Over the Holidays


The year has passed so quickly that many of us still can’t quite believe that it’s already December. But it definitely is and that means the majority of our minds are turned towards one thing - Christmas. Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year for any of us, but for those of us with little kids, it tends to take on a touch more importance. After all, we want to keep the magic alive for them and for them to associate the festivities with feelings of joy and happiness that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. We are likely to spend a whole lot more time with our nearest and dearest over the coming month, and we are likely to spend a whole lot more time with our little ones in particular throughout this season, as they break up from school and are consequently at home a whole lot more. So, in order to provide them with as positive a time as possible and in order to keep their minds occupied while they are away from the classroom, you’re going to have to do a fair bit of planning. Here are a few different things that you can all do together to achieve this!

Advent Calendars

Make sure that your little one has some sort of advent calendar. These span from the first of December through to the twenty fourth of December, but if you haven’t got one for your kids yet, don’t worry. They can just catch up on opening up a few days’ worth when you get around to it. Advent calendars give your kids something to look forward to each morning in the lead up to Christmas. The most popular type tend to be chocolate advent calendars, where they receive one small chocolate as a treat each day. However, there are other options out there that contain toys. Alternatively, you could make a more traditional calendar where you open doors to reveal festive pictures. Just make sure that all of the numbers are mixed up, so your little ones can make a game of finding each day’s door!

Decorating the House

The first step that many take in our Christmas celebrations is decorating our homes. The majority of people do this on the first of December, but there’s no right or wrong time to deck the halls in your property. It’s entirely up to personal choice! Kids tend to love decorating the house. It’s an extremely fun experience. If you have an artificial tree, get them to help open up the lower branches once it is unboxed and put up. If you have a real tree, make a day of going out to choose it with them. You can have a whole lot of fun browsing the different trees on sale and finding the perfect one for your home! Once it’s up and standing sturdy, you should take control of the lights. This will ensure that they are even and that they don’t get tangled up. The kids can then help to hang little novelty decorations from the branches. Each year you will need to choose someone to put the star on the top. If you have one child, this is simple. However, if you have multiple kids, make sure that they take turns each year. This will reduce arguments and make everything as fair as possible.

A Christmas Movie Night

There are so many brilliant kids Christmas movies out there. From cartoon films to Christmas classics like Home Alone, the Grinch, and Elf… the list goes on and on. So, consider cosy movie nights in where you can all cuddle up in front of the television in your pyjamas. If you want to make the occasion extra comfortable, you could invest in an overstuffed beanbag. Children tend to love these and they can really get nestled in before the film starts. Make everyone a little hot chocolate before the film begins and offer them a couple of festive snacks like mince pies or Yule log throughout.

Visiting Christmas Markets

Wherever you live, there is likely to be some sort of Christmas market nearby. These are bright and lively places that play Christmas music and encourage people to get together for celebration. You could take your little ones along to sing along to the songs, browse festive stalls, and generally get in the spirit. Just be careful that everyone sticks together. These places can get pretty busy and crowded. You don’t want anyone wandering off and getting lost! Also try to visit earlier in the day rather than later, as people can get a little drunk from the beers and wines on offer later in the evening and towards the night.

Playing in the Snow

If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas this year, it’s highly likely that your little ones are going to want to go out and play in it. Make sure that they are all well wrapped up and that they are wearing gloves to protect their fingers. If they are playing in a familiar area, such as your backyard, they should be safe. However, if you take them to a more public place, be careful. Snow can cover a whole host of hazards and you don’t want your little one accidentally picking something sharp up when trying to make a snowball or scooping up animal faeces. Make sure that they have two pieces of coal, a carrot, and some sort of scarf or hat so that they can build their very own snowman. Encourage them to make snow angels, and (if the snow is deep and thick enough), you could also purchase a little sled for them to go down small hills in.

These are just a few different activities that you might like to carry out with your little ones this festive season. Incorporating them into your routine will ensure that they are occupied and full of joy each and every day!