Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

Most parents can attest to the fact that it’s hard to keep the house clean with kids around. The house can go from spotless to torn apart in a few short moments.   It can quickly start to feel like a never-ending cycle of picking things up, putting them away, and doing it over again.

The good news is that there are ways to make it easier to keep clean.  You don’t have to accept a messy home as your fate just because you have kids that live there. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to make keeping your house clean even with little roommates.

Choose Stain Resistant Surfaces

One of the biggest frustrations with kids during the younger years is the frequent spills and stains.  You can make your life a million times easier by choosing products which will resist stains.

Consider choosing flooring which won’t absorb things like juice or paints.  If you can simply wipe something clean with a cloth, you’ve already won half the battle.

From your couch to your flooring, you should ensure these kinds of places are spill-proof.

Give Everything A Place To Belong

One of the biggest reasons for your house feeling messy is because everything is spread out all over the place.  How can you ever expect your home to be organized if your possessions don’t even have a place to go?

Take the time to organize your living space and give everything a home where it can live.  Certain toys go in this basket. Other items belong in a specific drawer and so on.  It’s much easier to keep your house tidy if everything has a spot.

Make Cleaning Up a Rule

Kids should learn how to clean from a young age.  They should know the fundamental rule that they have to clean one mess before starting another.

Otherwise, you’re only doing yourself a disservice by doing all of the cleaning for your kids.  Don’t make the mistake of believing that your children don’t know how to clean from a young age.  They will imitate what they see around them.

Declutter Regularly

Try to take time every few months and declutter your belongings.  Sort through your things and get rid of anything that isn’t serving a purpose or you don’t have a need for.

Keeping only things which you need around will minimize the amount of junk lying around,

Avoid Toys With Small Pieces

Try to avoid accumulating toys which have a lot of small parts and pieces.  If you do have some games with small parts, try to hide them out of view unless you’re supervising play time.

That way you’ll avoid things getting spread all over the place, as well as choking hazards..