Tobacco and Vaping: What’s the Difference?

You’ve heard all these stories and are thinking about quitting cigarettes and switching to vaping, right? After all, that’s what most of the smokers are talking these days. The buzz about the e-cigarettes created two main groups: those who are persistent in staying a tobacco smoker and those who tried e-cigarettes and loved it.

Regardless of which of these two groups you fall into, personal vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Tobacco and electronic cigarettes smokers should both be aware of the differences and similarities of these two options. 

DIfference between tobacco and vaping

When compared to tobacco smoking, vaping is a pretty new trend on the market that has been around only for 10 to 15 years. Of course, the idea of the vaporizer is much older and it dates back to 1960s. In the public, these two methods have often been seen as the same thing, but as more researchers are tackling this topic, we can understand them both much better and see their characteristics more clearly. 

The first thing that needs to be said is that neither of these two options, tobacco or electronic cigarettes, are a healthy choice for a person that never smoked tobacco. That being said, one of them is definitely much healthier than the other, but as a smoker, you will need to be aware of all the information and possible effects it might have on your health. 

Throughout the research, there have been several health implications found for both smoking and vaping. The combustion of tobacco contains thousands of chemicals of which more than 20 of them are strongly connected to causing cancer. Some of these cancer-causing chemicals are nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, lead, arsenic, benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. 

When compared to smoking, research shows that vaping has a tremendously lower level of health and safety risks. The things you need to pay closer attention to when talking about electronic cigarettes is their batteries which might explode. Of course, that issue is related to the device, not the vaping itself. However, this issue shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s still unclear what is causing it. 

According to a study in 2007, there have been 243 reported e-cigarette explosions and the number continued to grow ever since. When utilizing electric cigarettes, make sure you’re following safety standards as the majority of these injuries are caused by a malfunctioning battery. 

The cost of these two options 

Comparing these two options without mentioning price wouldn’t provide any value to those who are still unsure if they should switch to personal vaporizers. After all, price is the most important factor in the majority of purchasing decisions and this one is not an exception. Vaping is often seen as the more expensive option as the initial cost is significantly higher when compared to tobacco smoking, which doesn’t require any investment in the beginning. But, when you look at the bigger picture, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

The problem with tobacco smoking is that it’s hard to calculate how much will people actually spend on it on average. If you just think about how often you buy a pack of cigarettes per month and multiply that with the price of the pack, you will get an idea of how much money you spend on tobacco cigarettes. 

On the other hand, once you’ve purchased your e-cigarette starter kit, you can lower your weekly costs to $15 for a bottle of juice. Don’t forget to buy a vape pen as well to ensure your vaporizer is portable and could fit in your bag or even your pocket. 

If we assume that you smoke 10 packs of cigarettes per month and the price for a pack in your country is $10, you will spend $100 per month only on cigarettes. If you’re an e-cigarette user, you will spend up to $60 a month. In other words, vaping is definitely a more cost-efficient option, but that shouldn’t be the main reason to give it a try as the health aspect should be the determining factor. 

Quitting tobacco smoking

It’s not easy to quit smoking. Those who have tried it know it better than anyone. Expecting that a person can quit utilizing tobacco cigarettes when he or she decides to is, in most cases, an illusion. Habits like these should be approached rationally. That’s why electronic cigarettes are so popular with tobacco users. They are not being advertised to people who have never even thought about smoking. 

As there have been more and more health concerns discovered every year among tobacco smokers, they should have the option to choose an alternative that won’t be this devastating for their health. Not to mention that after a certain period of utilizing e-cigarettes, it will be easier to quit smoking completely, easier than it would be to quit smoking tobacco. 


If you’re thinking of trying out electronic cigarettes, the most important thing you need to do is to do your research. Research the brand you’re thinking of purchasing, research all safety standards that need to be met, research all potential risks, etc. Anything that can have even slightest impact on your health deserves your full attention.