Top 5 Cultures Around The World That Take Bangle Fashion To A New Level

Bangles are no new news for those who indulge in them. According to some cultures, they have always been there as a part of their tradition and accessories. It is said to add enhancement to overall attire of women. While in some cases, bangles are still worn only as part of their culture, women also wear them as a fashion accessory to accentuate their beauty.

It should come as no surprise that the colourful, shimmery pieces of circular jewelry has attracted quite a lot of attention from the industry of fashion. People have now become curious as to where it all started from.

Different cultures are said to have this jewelry included in their ceremonies along with nose studs from the beginning. Although, the types might be different, their work was the same. Women have adorned bangles from a long time and today you are going to learn about those who have taken it to a whole new level.

Top 5 cultures around the world that take bangle fashion to a new level:

1.       India: Originators of bangles, Indian culture has always taken a pride in decorating the wrists of their female counterparts with colourful bangles, especially married women. It possesses a particular traditional, auspicious value in the eyes of the elder. With a variety of designs and materials, every market in India sells gold bangles design with weight, from old to new.

2.       Afghanistan: Transparent white and jade coloured bangles are a specialty in Afghanistan culture. The landlocked country preserves its women but never forgets to endorse her with jewelry. You will see bangles on every female hand that you come across, though their number may vary.

3.       Pakistan: The neighbouring countries seem to have a lot in common. Even though they are a boundary apart, India and Pakistan have almost the same taste in bangles. Their weddings are incomplete without the clanging of bangles. Whether you want glass, steel and plastic bangles, they will be at your disposal.

4.       Bangladesh: Traditionally, bangles in Bangladesh tend to be made of glass in the same colour for indigeneity. Classic design on broad golden bangles is a must for women who love jewelry. Here, women also like to pair their bangles with diamond pendant designs. The trend has only grown over the years, which seems to have broadened the market.

5.       Ghana: With a history that goes long back, there are many tribes in Africa which traditionally wear long chain like multiple necklaces along with broad wooden bangles. Ghana has a good number of such women that love such accessories and adorn them confidently. New design of the same kind of bangles have become a trend across the world for the most obvious reasons.

Bangles make a statement with not only its grandeur, colour and shine, but also its sound. With several enhancements and modernization, bracelets are said to be a bangle representative. The cultures that have held onto such a stupefying accessory are now gaining attention as people all around the world appreciate their tradition and unravel it into the modern world.