Top Wetsuit Trends For 2019

As surfing season of 2019 draws closer, there are several companies bringing out the very latest in technology to revolutionise the common wetsuit. However, due to the vast number of wetsuits on the market, it can be a challenge to find the right one that works for you. Here, we are going to look at some of the trends that are set to make waves in 2019.


One of the biggest reasons that functionality is a big trend for 2019 is because more and more people are looking for a wetsuit that is fit for purpose without restricting the movement that you get when out on the water. This has then led to a number of companies looking for the next material that will keep the user warm but acting as a second skin to not restrict movement. This great for those that are doing the sport professionally as this will help to improve performance overall.


The material of the wetsuit is also another trend that is very prominent in 2019 as the need for a lighter and more practical material is becoming more and more important. This is beneficial for all those that are looking to take part in the sport, as the material will be designed to improve performance overall. This new lining in the wetsuits helps to ensure that the surfer is insulated throughout their time in the water, whilst creating a design that is comfortable to wear and is practical for the sport.

Added Features

There are also added features being added to wetsuits such as hoods to protect people from the elements, which is great as this keeps the user warm throughout the course of their time in the water, especially in the winter months. With popular brands such as Rip Curl, O’Neill and Finisterre creating some of the very best hooded wetsuits on the market and providing an element of choice to those looking for a new wetsuit to begin the season, these wetsuits also come in a number of prices meaning that you can get a style or fit that is perfect for your budget as well as for your surfing style.

Winter And Summer

There are also multiple trends for summer and winter wetsuits with brand new designs, as well as bright colour themes that give you the choice for the new season with ultimate comfort. This is ideal for those that are looking to have the very best equipment at the beginning of the season as the worlds leading brands are working tirelessly to make changes that benefit both professionals and the average surfer. Whether this is the very best in material or a new thermal lining, or even revolutionising the construction of the board for the ultimate performance, the new season trends are set to revolutionise the sport.

Regardless of whether you are looking to get the new season wetsuit from your favourite brand or you are just looking to keep up to date with trends in the sport, there are a number of changes that are being made that are set to make changes to the sport and the equipment that is being used.