Vehicle Repair And Maintenance Tasks That Any Dad Can Learn to Do

It has been estimated that vehicle repair shops markup parts by an average of between 25% and 50%,” as reported by Mechanic Advisor. When it comes to taking care of your family, saving as much money as possible is one of the top goals. Thankfully, one area in which you can easily save hundreds of dollars each year is vehicle repair and maintenance. By watching a few video tutorials, reading through instructions, and practicing your skills, you can cut down on the number of visits you make to your auto dealership or repair shop. Explore three vehicle repair and maintenance tasks that any dad can learn to do.

Small paint touch-up jobs

Whether you accidentally bumped a shopping cart into your vehicle, or your kids caused damage while playing in the driveway, small paint touch-up jobs do not require a visit to the body shop. Instead, experts from review recommend taking care of this kind of minor damage in your own garage. With the use of DIY paint touch-up supplies, you can not only match and repair scratches and chips, but you can also make your vehicle look like it was just worked on by a professional. To get started with this repair, go online or to your local car parts store to find the paint color and supplies needed. Then, simply follow the provided instructions (or online video tutorials) to complete the work.

Change brake fluid and power steering fluid

Although it may sound complicated, changing both your vehicle’s brake fluid and power steering fluid are perfect projects for dads who are new to DIY maintenance. Both tasks can be completed in an hour (or less), and require very little expertise to perform. If your brakes have been feeling a bit off, or if you don’t remember the last time your brake fluid was checked, it is best to inspect the current status of the fluid. Also, if you are unsure about when your power steering fluid was last changed, and you have more than 25,000 miles on your car, it is best to see if it needs a change. By following the instructions in your owner’s manual, or by looking up the instructions online, you can find where to locate both the power steering and brake fluid chambers on your make and model. For best results, consult expert resources for your vehicle (either in person or online) to know how to assess the appearance of both fluids. If you’ve determined that either need to be changed, you can stop by your local car parts store to get the exact equipment needed to quickly and easily perform these tasks.

Replace your car battery

If you went to start your car, but it will not turn on, there is a good chance that the battery needs to be replaced. With the exception of hybrid batteries, you can easily replace all other vehicle batteries with limited effort. For just the cost of the vehicle battery (which, on average, runs between $50 and $120), you can have this repair taken care of at home. All that is needed is essentially popping the hood, removing your old battery, and installing the new one. Your owner’s manual will have added details and guidelines for performing this maintenance on your specific make and model.

Most basic vehicle maintenance and repair work can be done with little time and studying. If you consistently perform these and other related tasks, you can save your family hundreds or even thousands in the long-run.