VIDEO: Hysterical Newborn Calmed By Dad's Voice

Bonding really does begin in the womb: Hysterical newborn baby recognises the sound of father’s voice and stops crying. (Scroll For Video)

  • A just born baby appears to be inconsolable while crying in an incubator
  • Its father begins talking to the baby and rocking him in his arms
  • Miraculously, the newborn recognises his father and stops crying


The idea of bonding with an unborn child has been a source of fascination for some for many years. But can a child really hear and recognise its parents’ voice? And if so, would it react in a certain way?

A video of a newborn baby being calmed down by his father appears to suggest that the answer may well be yes. (More Below)

Filmed in an incubator, the tiny baby begins crying after he is wheeled into the room. A number of people stand around and attempt to pacify him to no avail, before his father begins reassuring him. He says: ‘It’s okay Isaac, it’s okay,’ adding: ‘I love you son,’ but the baby continues to cry hysterically.

Eventually the baby is removed from the incubator and placed into his father’s arms.

Almost instantly he stops crying as his father continues to talk and sing to him while rocking him gently back to sleep. A baby's hearing starts developing around 20 weeks after conception and by 23 weeks they are able to hear the sound of their mother’s heartbeat.

Eventually as they grow they are able to hear sounds from the outside world and can create an attachment to their parent’s by the sound of their voices.