What Are The Pros And Cons of Using A Master Lock System For Your Business?


A crucial part of running any successful business is effective security. Any oversights could be costly: criminals may gain access to sensitive information, steal expensive equipment and potentially endanger your clients’ safety too.

A master lock system is just one of the many security options available, but what benefits does it offer? And just as importantly, what are the drawbacks?


Tight control over access


A master lock system grants you much tighter control over which employees and / or visitors can access specific areas of your business site.

 You can plan which keys suit which parts of the building carefully, to ensure the right people have this freedom of movement in their hands. Entering certain rooms or facilities may pose both safety and security risks to employees; restricting access minimizes the risk of theft and accidents.


Fewer keys to monitor

Convenience is a major perk of a master lock system. Having a key that works on each door in your business reduces the number of keys you have to carry with you throughout the day; you’ll have less reason to worry about keeping them organized and out of the wrong hands.


Keeping track of keys and access can be more difficult in large businesses with dozens (or possibly hundreds) of employees. Traditional locking systems can involve considerable effort and organization to keep them at their most efficient. Master locks streamline the process in a big way.


Make criminals’ job much harder


A master lock keeps access managed with greater care. Employees and visitors will only be able to enter and explore those areas they have a key for.


This minimizes the danger that disgruntled or untrustworthy workers will be able to help criminals gain access to your premises. With traditional locking systems, this is a risk that could cause significant harm to your business.


As they represent the cutting edge of design, master lock systems are typically much more resistant to criminal tactics.


Easy to use


Master lock systems are generally simple to use and maintain. Any business installing one will become accustomed to its function and processes fairly quickly, allowing you to reinforce your building’s security with minimal hassle.


This is vital for companies of all sizes, allowing you to focus on day-to-day work with greater peace of mind.




There’s still a (reduced) security risk


No system is 100% secure. There’s still a very slight risk that master keys may go missing and end up in the hands of an untrustworthy individual. If this happens, your business will be vulnerable to property or data theft.

However, you can still reduce this risk significantly by implementing a cautious management process for master keys. Draw up a plan to keep track of who has access to which area, when they were given their key and any changes to their permissions.


It’s equally important to monitor employees joining and leaving the business. Certain locks may have to be changed to update access and prevent past members of your team entering your business property without authorization.


Changing keys can be inconvenient


If your business has to make any changes to its master lock system, this can be inconvenient and incur added expense.

Still, this is a small price to pay to ensure your building benefits from heightened security and stays protected from dangers posed by less-effective systems.


Has this post given you real food for thought regarding your business’s security? Master lock systems offer more pros than cons, providing you with reliable, trustworthy protection.

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