What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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There may come a time when a person wants to create a positive change with their teeth. They want to improve their smile and more. When this happens, an individual usually desires to do something that can increase their confidence and self-esteem. An experienced cosmetic dentist can make this happen. They will know how to significantly improve the appearance of person's teeth, their overall oral health and more.


Cosmetic Dentistry

These types of procedures have evolved over the years. It has moved beyond replacing and restoring a person's teeth that have been damaged. It now covers a wide scope of esthetic procedures. Cosmetic dentistry can involve everything from tooth whitening to dental implants and more. It helps people with chipped, crooked or stained teeth and other dental situations have a great smile. Cosmetic dentistry often makes it possible for individuals to smile without embarrassment for the first time in their life.



Most people are able to access cosmetic dentistry. The procedures have become quite popular in most areas including smaller urban areas. Many dentists are able to provide cosmetic dental procedures when their patients need it.


Produces Results

Cosmetic dentistry provides a way for people to no longer be forced to live with broken, decayed or cracked teeth. Individuals with extremely discolored teeth can have a simile with white teeth. Patients who have cosmetic dentistry will decrease certain signs of aging. Patients will like their new appearance. Damage to a person's teeth caused by developmental problems, hereditary, illness, trauma as well as infection can be successfully repaired.


Lasting Effects

Patients who have cosmetic dentistry experience long-lasting effects. Many of the procedures last at least a decade and longer. This is a great advantage to patients who are limited by the amount of money and time they have for cosmetic dentistry.



These are thin porcelain shells designed to be bonded to the front of a person's tooth. This procedure is often done when a person has a single tooth or group of teeth that have been significantly discolored. The treatment may require shaving off a portion of an individual's tooth. A veneer may need repair or replacement over time as the porcelain does wear away. Veneers are known for providing a very natural look and correcting other dental issues such as crooked teeth and more.


Teeth Whitening

This is a very common and effective dental procedure that can easily be done in a dentist's office. This procedure is performed after tartar as well as plaque and any other type of debris is professionally removed from the surface of a person's teeth. This will restore the teeth to their natural appearance. During the procedure, teeth can be bleached for a patient to have an even lighter shade than their original color.


Dental Implants

This is a very popular option for patients facing dental bridges or dentures. During the past several years, the materials and procedures associated with dental implants have improved significantly. There are situations where a patient will benefit from an immediate load implant. Dental implants often involve two surgeries and an extended healing time. An immediate load implant involves immediately loading an implant right after certain teeth have been removed. This procedure could involve a single tooth or several teeth. Dental implants are designed to match the color as well as the appearance of a patient's natural teeth. It is also a more permanent solution when compared to dentures or bridges.


Onlays And Inlays

These are often referred to as indirect fillings and are made in a dental laboratory. They are utilized when a patient's tooth has experienced mild or moderate decay. Onlays and inlays are also used when a patient does not have a tooth structure to make a filling an option. These are only used if there is no damage to a patient's tooth cusp. Inlays are placed directly on the surface of a patient's tooth. When a significant portion of the tooth is damaged or a patient's tooth cusp is damaged, an inlay will be used to cover the entire surface of the tooth. Inlays and onlays are made from composite resin material. An adhesive dental cement is used to attach them to the teeth. This procedure will strengthen a person's teeth and provide support. It can also help avoid any additional deterioration or decay.


Composite Bonding

This is a dental procedure designed to repair discolored, decayed or damaged teeth. It will utilize a material that appears to be the same color of tooth enamel. During this procedure, a dentist will drill out the decay in a tooth. They will then place a composite material on the surface of a tooth. The dentist will then sculpt the bonding material into the tooth using high-intensity light. This procedure is very effective in covering the damage to a tooth and providing the appearance of a healthy tooth. It is one of the least expensive and most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Oral Health Improvements

Cosmetic dentistry can provide patients with more than just aesthetic benefits. It can help improve a patient's oral health maintenance. When damaged teeth are successfully repaired, it can help prevent additional tooth decay. Cosmetic dentistry is also able to lower a person's risk of experiencing infection should one of their teeth crack. It can also fill gaps from missing teeth. This will prevent surrounding teeth from moving into the open space resulting in tooth misalignment and more.


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