What Should You Wear To A Wedding


Wedding season comes around quickly, and it’s surprising how many men haven’t got the first clue what to wear to one. For women, it’s easy - a formal dress of some kind and a hat usually seems to do the job. For men though, the rules can be a little blurred. How smart do you need to be? Do you have to wear a jacket? This handy guide for dads should tell you everything you need to know to make sure you’re prepared the next time an invite lands through your door.

Check the invite

The invitation should be your biggest clue as to how to dress, and many people will state the dress code to give you a helping hand. If the dress code says ‘formal’ or ‘black tie,’ it’s a very clear indication that you will be expected to wear a tux. Don’t try and get out of it. Some weddings may call for a sports jacket or DJ, and if the invite doesn’t state a dress code, then you should take that to mean typical wedding attire. Pay attention to the invite when it comes through the door - leaving it until the last minute could be your downfall.

Avoid office wear

So the fact that you’ll be wearing a suit is a given, but that doesn’t mean that you should wear the suit you wear day in, day out to the office or your ‘interview suit.’ Don’t wear anything too dark and definitely avoid pinstripes. Navy or light gray is usually a safe option, or if you’d prefer stone colors, they could work too. Save black for black tie only, otherwise it will look like you’re going to a wedding rather than a funeral.

Get yourself a good jacket

A jacket is a wedding essential, and you should pick one that can be worn in several different ways. Choose a jacket or blazer that is smart, and fits well - you can always get it tailored if it’s not an exact fit. You can wear your jacket with trousers of the same color, or mix and match a dark top with a light bottom and vice versa. You’ll want to invest a bit more in your jacket, and click here where you'll find many you'd like to wear.

Add some accessories

You should already have a supply of essential dad accessories in your wardrobe.  Accessories are the key thing that will let you wear the same suit over and over but keep it looking different each time. A belt and cufflinks are standard, but it’s the tie and pocket square (see this cool infographic on how to fold one) you can have the most fun with if you want to bring in some color or you want to match your partner. Shoes are another item that can be changed easily to give your wedding outfit a different look each time.

If it’s been some time since you’ve been to a wedding, the prospect can be quite exciting - especially if you get to leave the kids at home for the day! Make sure you dress for the occasion, and you’ll be the most stylish guy on the dance floor, apart from the groom of course!