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Embracing The Dad Bod (And Your Age)... But Still Looking Damn Fine!

There comes the point when every dad knows it's time to give in, and stop living a lie. Yes, you may have spent years in Converse and leather jackets, but after a certain age, it's very unbecoming of you. And, you may realize, it's time to start dressing your age. But there's no shame in this, embracing your dad bod doesn't have to be a thing of shame, neither is dressing your age. But there are some little rules that we should all play by when it comes to dressing our age, and here are a few.

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What Should You Wear To A Wedding

Wedding season comes around quickly, and it’s surprising how many men haven’t got the first clue what to wear to one. For women, it’s easy - a formal dress of some kind and a hat usually seems to do the job. For men though, the rules can be a little blurred. How smart do you need to be? Do you have to wear a jacket? This handy guide for dads should tell you everything you need to know to make sure you’re prepared the next time an invite lands through your door.

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22 Top Tips For Mens Fashion [Infographic]

From tie knots to cologne, these are the laws for getting dressed in the morning. Some quick and easy tips to help you improve your fashion styles. If you have trouble with your dress code on a day-to-day basis, then have a read and see if this can help you...

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