Embracing The Dad Bod (And Your Age)... But Still Looking Damn Fine!

dad style.jpg

There comes the point when every dad knows it's time to give in, and stop living a lie. Yes, you may have spent years in Converse and leather jackets, but after a certain age, it's very unbecoming of you. And, you may realize, it's time to start dressing your age. But there's no shame in this, embracing your dad bod doesn't have to be a thing of shame, neither is dressing your age. But there are some little rules that we should all play by when it comes to dressing our age, and here are a few.


Spend That Little Bit More Money

You may struggle financially, meaning you get the cheapest clothes that serve a purpose, but those jeans will soon start to sag, even if you don't. And while you may not tend to overeat, and look after your waistline, it's all about wearing clothes that hug your figure, rather than disguise it. By purchasing brands that are a bit more expensive, they have a bit more quality, and they are designed to work well with your figure. For those that don't really know where to begin, there are suitable resources online; you can look at theidleman.com for a guide to picking a shirt for your body type. But as you leave your 20s behind, into your 30s, and beyond, it's vital that you spend a little bit more money on quality clothes, because they will hang off you better.


The Shoes (And The Socks) Maketh The Man

As we get older, we need comfortable footwear, but also a sturdy pair of shoes that are built to last in all situations will be a great investment. Much like Lieutenant Dan said in Forrest Gump, “take good care of your feet”, and if you feel comfortable in your feet, then you can just about tackle any parenting duty! There are suppliers like SockwellSocks.Com who provides compression socks, which can help to stimulate blood flow, and you can learn about SockwellSocks.com at their website. As you get older, it's time to invest in shoes, not trainers of any type. And look after your feet, for god's sake!


Get A Suit!

The most common pastime of any dad is going to weddings, funerals, parties, you name it! And while we can get away with wearing our normal clothes at kid's birthday parties, you need a damn fine suit in your wardrobe, for all formal occasions. When it comes to experimenting with suits, the more styles, the better, especially when you are in your 30s. While you may want to mix and match, maybe a suit jacket with jeans, for the smart casual look, you could try embracing geek chic with materials like tweed, or you could go and get a suit tailored. Tailored suits are always better, because they will make you look far more attractive than you would ever deserve to be, but they feel great too!


Whether you like to overeat at parties, or spend most of your time running after your kids, that's not to say you shouldn't look good while doing it. A lot of being a parent is being told you are old constantly, so why don't you embrace this and dress your age. After all, there's no shame in it!