Why Do Original Guitar Parts Matter?

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As the guitar player progresses with learning, he or she would need to update the guitar because of the expectations or needs of the instrument change. You can spruce up your guitar and enhance its playability. You will be able to improve the look of the guitar and give better performances as well.

Every guitar is different and when it comes to replacing the parts of guitar you should go for original parts.

Why go for original parts?

Even if there are two guitars of the same make and model, year and finish they can vary drastically. They vary in terms of price and present condition. Those who are serious collectors care a lot about this thing face and challenges to replace the parts of a particular model.

Design guitars are highly modular instruments and guitarists are known as tinkerers by nature. It means that most of the Vintage Gibson guitar parts will have such replacement parts that did not come out of the factory. For example, Tuning pegs, bridges, nuts, control knobs, potentiometers, pickups and a lot more. It decreases the value for collectors. For cornerstone vintage models that are from Fender and Gibson if you want to replace the pickups then you will find them more undesirable in terms of retained value.

For collectors who seek to replace the parts just to improve the playability or sound of the guitar are considered to be serious detractors. To keep your old guitar in a playable condition a re-fret is important and it becomes a negative buy for collectors who are seeking an all original distinction.

If you want the tune of your guitar to be impeccable then choosing stock tuners that are found on entry-level instruments and also feature a trim-lock system that helps in swift string changes. To upgrade the tuning machines of an instrument is a very vital decision because of relative impact and ease it has on the guitar playability and reliability.

Those guitars that have Floyd Rose tremolo players can upgrade the stock and sustain the block which is useful for balancing the floating tremolo within the guitar. This increases the resonance of the instrument and hence the instrument can sustain well for a long time.

An upgraded sustainable block is a great buy to enhance the sustenance and give the players a satisfying thick tone. So, if the players swap the stock pot metal block of the brass or tungsten, they can expect some level of balance and also improve the feel of the instrument. An exceptionally attuned player can easily upgrade their tremolo’s springs and spring claws which can further help in shaping the tone of the instrument.


Should you upgrade?

Assuming that you are one of those guitar players who are confident about their tinkering abilities and not afraid to get a little workbench or a little solder or perhaps you depend on a local shop or a guitar tech to help you in replacing the parts once you are sure about the parts you are looking to upgrade and are fine with the cost too.

Well, thanks to the resources that are available to upgrade your instrument parts. The driving force of the guitars is pickups which help in increasing the tonal ability and range of the guitar.



If you want your old guitar to sound equivalent to the newer models by making a few changes to the instrument, then replacing the guitar parts is a good idea. It will help you save a lot of money because making such upgrades is cost effective than buying a new instrument. You will be satisfied with the performance of your guitar as well.