Your Guide To Revamping Your Kitchen This Summer


Revamping the kitchen is the type of project that can quickly spiral out of control from a financial perspective. But it doesn’t have to. There are an array of things you can do in the kitchen that will provide it with a brand new face but won’t send you to the poor house in the process. The trick is to find a balance between those things you’re willing to spend a bit more on (for example a new floor) and those things that will respond just fine to a more conservative approach (such as re-facing rather than replacing the cabinets).


Elements of the Successful Summer Revamp


●        The cabinets - Kitchen cabinets are a mixed blessing. On the one hand they’re indispensable. On the other, if you don’t get them right, they’ll drag the entire kitchen decor down with them. The only time it’s really necessary to replace the cabinets is if you intend to change the fundamental layout of the kitchen. If your plans call for a more restrained revamping, with the goal of providing a fresh new look, then re-facing the cabinets and changing the hardware is the way to go. You’ll save a bundle and when you’re done they’ll look like new anyway.


●        The floor - Hardwood floors are the type of upgrade that can provide the entire kitchen with a new lease on life. Because it can be expensive though some homeowners try to save a few quid by plopping the new hardwood floor on top of their existing tiles. Don’t do it. A hardwood floor is worth the financial stretch if you can make it but it needs to be installed properly. Don’t try and cut corners here. Tear up the old tiles before laying down the hardwood.


●        Island paradise - You might want to consider removing the table and installing an island in the centre of your kitchen. This will change the whole dynamic of the space and the new lighting that accompanies the island will complete the look. If you already have an island with, say, a tile worktop consider replacing it with a beautiful granite top. The “wow” factor alone may make it worth it. Unique Fabrications offer a wide variety of worktop solutions for all kitchens and all budgets.


●        Lighting - Speaking of lighting… Few other components of the kitchen environment play as big a role in defining space, creating atmosphere and enhancing functionality as lighting. Take advantage of your revamp and perform an LED retrofit on any fixtures you plan to keep. After that you can add recessed LEDs along the periphery of the ceiling and accent LEDs under the cabinets, compelling pendants over the island and/or track lighting to enhance mood and functionality.


Before you start your kitchen revamp spend a bit of time browsing the Internet looking for kitchen designs that speak to you. A simple Google search will yield thousands of images. Save the ones you like and use them as a point of departure for your revamp.