Great Part-Time Jobs To Have Around Being A Stay at Home Dad


Staying at home to take care of the kids can be extremely fulfilling and will help build bonds that last a lifetime. However, a lot of dads are reluctant to embrace the idea simply because they think it mandates the end of their professional life and/or their ability to contribute financially. Whereas 50 years ago there might have been an element of legitimacy to those fears today that’s simply not the case. Below we’ll look at a number of great part-time jobs for the stay at home dad.


Part-Time Work for Stay at Home Dads

Staying home with the kids doesn’t have to mean the end of anything. In fact it can be the beginning of something great. Here are 5 part time jobs stay at home dads can embrace:


●        Freelance Writer - How’s your English? Can you type? Do you know how to conduct basic research? Are you familiar with narrative structure? If you answered: “Good”, “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes” you have the basic skills needed for a freelance writing career. Freelance writing is something you can do any time of the day or night. All you need is an Internet connection.


●        In-home Daycare - You’re already committed to staying home with the kids so why not help out other families in the neighbourhood and earn a few extra bob in the process? There are a number of websites that can provide guidance on how to get started. If you love kids and have both the space and inclination it’s something to consider.


●        Personal Trainer - Everyone wants to stay fit and more people than ever are enlisting the services of personal trainers. This is something you can do in the evenings and on weekends either in your home, at the homes of your clients or at the fitness club. Discovery Education provides a number of courses that will accommodate your schedule and get you certified.


●        Online English Teacher - If you have command of the language and a passion for teaching there are students the world over who are looking to learn English to advance their careers, and many of them are looking for help with creating their custom term papers. Everyone from youngsters to established professionals. All you’ll need is a computer, a reliable Internet connection and a passion for the work.


●        Photographer - Content is king. The proliferation of websites (there are now more than 1 billion of them) along with the equally mind boggling proliferation of cable and satellite TV channels means the world is starved for high quality content. If you have an eye for composition and the patience to build a portfolio part-time photographer may be the perfect job for you.


There is a world of opportunity out there waiting to be explored that didn’t exist in your parent’s day. As such, staying home with the kids can open as many doors as it closes. Take advantage of this brave new world of freelance employment and propel yourself back into the mix. You’ll be helping yourself, your clients and your family have a better future.