Wellness for Men – 3 No Fuss Top Tips

men wellness.

Wellness? Not a word that many men discuss over a beer but it is something a lot of men actually engage in without knowing, or at least try too. We know we should try and be fit and healthy but what does fit and healthy look like…or feel like? There is simply no point in trying to turn yourself into a movie star if you have not already managed it. By this we mean, people who have those kinds of bodies do it because it is a passion and a lifestyle choice, it takes years of work and time and most mere mortals simply won’t make it. But that doesn’t mean there is a lot normal guys can do to be healthier and wellness is more than just being physically fit. These three no fuss tips are designed for guys who appreciate the need to be healthy but do not have the time or inclination to make it a full life choice.

Wellness is a big movement and it is certainly more popular among women than men. We spoke to a number of experts including soon to be US Based Sam from https://www.ottiliewellness.com/ about how to distil wellness into 3 easy things that most guys can do around family and work.


Tip 1

Physical and Fun

Going to the gym can be fun for some people but for a lot of others it is simply boring and ends up being a chore. You need to find a form of physical exercise you actually enjoy, one that you think about doing when you are not doing it. The reason this is important is because you will then make time to do it rather than find excuses not too. Finding time around kids and work is hard but finding time for a passion is certainly easier. Think about things like surfing, running, mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, kayaking, SUPing, football, soccer, rugby, hockey…there are too many to mention. The key is to think of something that you can get into, get better at and take pleasure from.

Finding this “hobby” will benefit your wellness plan in two ways:

1.       It will help you do some physical activity which will help with fitness, sleep, stress and more

2.       It will give you some headspace, focusing on a single point in time as you must in most sports means you don’t have room for work worries and the like. When you finish the session you will feel refreshed emotionally, plus is just fun!


Tip 2


OK so here is the thing, no one really wants to eat mega healthy food all the time. If you try you will end up falling off the wagon. The key is to find a balance, don’t reach for the stars and fail, reach for the fridge and win!

So what is healthy food? Well that answer is too big for this article but common sense will help. Try to substitute chips and snacks during the day for something better! Look at veggies cut up with humus but chuck some hot sauce in there and give it a kick! Try and have 2 meals or 4 if you can that are meat free each week! Use mushrooms, use quorn, use beans in a chilli not meat. It is these kinds of changes that will really help. Have a pizza, but share one and make a huge salad to go with it rather than eating the whole thing youself.

Wellness eating doesn’t have to be 100% full on, you can bring elements of things into your weekly eating habits that will really make you feel better. Try https://www.thugkitchen.com/ for some amazing ideas…..trust us, this stuff is awesome!


Tip 3

Check Your Head

This is by far the hardest tip of them all. Mental health and being a guy are not always great bed fellows. For some reason we don’t like to talk about this stuff and we don’t even like to admit to ourselves we may need help. This is not to say everyone does need help though. This tip is about being aware of your own mental state and looking after yourself. Work is stressful, having kids is possibly even more stressful, partners can be stressful and so can friends sometimes. In amongst all of this you exist and it is important you understand your own head. If you notice you are struggling to be positive for more than a few days in a row make sure you are getting out there and doing your “hobby”. If it continues then don’t be afraid to talk to someone. In many cases your partner may not be the best person to unload this on. Professional help is all around; use it! The same goes for anxiety, read up on the symptoms and check them off against your own behaviour; these things work on a scale so be aware of smaller issues. Try things like http://www.wearehummingbird.com/ for playlists from people who get through tough mental times for example.

Wellness is about you as a whole so give your head time to relax, having some drinks is fine, but mix it up with some activity you enjoy, some hugs with the kids and maybe some sex too! Don’t let work and life stop you being you. Eat well, have fun in the time available and be well!