5 Sacrifices That Mothers Made to Deserve a Special Mother’s Day

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As a child, you should understand that the process of raising a child is not an easy task, especially for a mother. The whole process of bringing up a child can be challenging and demanding, so it is essential to appreciate mothers in the best ways possible. Coming to think of the many sacrifices that they have done for you since childhood, they should be appreciated with unique mothers day gifts every day and not just on mother’s day, though it’s a good start. Below are some of the sacrifices made by mothers which demand appreciation:


They stayed up with you all night

Many were the times you could not sleep at night while you were a baby due to challenges such as discomfort or fever. It is quite apparent that your mum did not even sleep a wink. Why?  She was comforting you during your storm and probably cried with you as she whispered that everything was going to be ok. Just the fact of them keeping you safe and secure through the night requires you to give her a big thank you.


Your mother always put you first

Have you ever sat and wondered how your mum’s life was like before you came into the picture? Looking at the bright side of it, she would have fun because she had no one to keep her up the whole night and probably go out for a ladies' night or something of the sort. But after you came around, she had to leave everything behind and put you first. Every bit of her life became about you such that she didn’t have the chance to attend to her friends or her social obligations. Don’t you think such a big sacrifice of choosing you deserves appreciation?


Your mother kept you fed

While you were small and probably didn’t know what hassling was, your mum always ensured that you were fed.  Behind the tears that were being shed in secret, everything for you flowed smoothly. She ensured that you were a happy baby always. How? By giving you a happy belly that was always full. Because everything about her has always been with you, she would ensure that you had the last bite even though she had not had enough. At no point did you sleep hungry because mummy always ensured that there was something to grab before and after a good sleep. How nice!


Your mother was there both in good and in bad times

You mother neither had the time nor the chance to take a break from motherhood. During your happy times, she was present to laugh with you. During your sad times, she was there to cry with you and to comfort you.


Your mother spent most of her time with you

You should thank your mother for being present to play with you all those children’s games that she didn’t really enjoy. She did it anyway, just for you. Most of her time was spent with you. They would curl up on the couch to watch your favorite cartoon, not her favorite. All this was because it was about spending the day with you.