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How to Make A Few Extra Bucks From Your Talents/Skills

Being a parent can be tough, and children certainly aren’t cheap. As a man, you have a variety of skills and talents which you might be able to turn into extra income on the weekends and even in the evenings. While you might not think of these as skills, there are people out there who struggle with these tasks and who would be willing to pay you generously for your efforts.

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Great Part-Time Jobs To Have Around Being A Stay at Home Dad

Staying at home to take care of the kids can be extremely fulfilling and will help build bonds that last a lifetime. However, a lot of dads are reluctant to embrace the idea simply because they think it mandates the end of their professional life and/or their ability to contribute financially. Whereas 50 years ago there might have been an element of legitimacy to those fears today that’s simply not the case. Below we’ll look at a number of great part-time jobs for the stay at home dad.

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Finances Need A Lyft? Here Is A Quick Way To Earn Uber Cash For The Holidays

The winter holidays are here already, and almost everyone is scrambling to find extra cash to make them just that little more special. But if you are looking for work or looking for a second income, it can be really difficult, especially in big cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas and more, where competition for holiday jobs can be fierce, and not that great paying. So in this article we are looking at an Uber–easy idea to Lyft your holiday budget, known as ridesharing.

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