Your Life Is Boring: Here's What To Do About It

Your Life Is Boring: Here's What To Do About It

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Do you ever look back at your teenage years and your twenties and wonder where all the joy went? Sometimes, I bet.

By the time we're forty, it can seem like all we ever do is hit targets and make the dinner. But that's not what life should be about. Life should be about having great relationships and doing amazing things.

More often than not, we've got the balance wrong. So it's time to turn your situation around. Nobody wants to look back at their lives when they're old and wish they'd had more fun.


Nothing allows you to better connect with new people than volunteering. You get to help the community, face challenging situations and make amazing relationships. Not to mention the fact that you'll be doing something enormously helpful.

Volunteering comes with a sense of pride and a sense of purpose. It's outside of the usual work-leisure grind.

Take Up A New Sport

Your Life Is Boring: Here's What To Do About It

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These days there are hundreds of outdoor activities you could be doing. You're not limited to joining the local rambling club. You could be doing something that's way out there.

How about taking up stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)? It's a bit like surfing, except you've got a paddle. And the kit isn't too pricey either. The best SUPs start at around $269.

Getting out in the open takes you far away from the daily grind in the office. It expands your horizons - literally. And it gets your blood pumping.

Become An Expert In Something

Your Life Is Boring: Here's What To Do About It

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There's a limit to how much entertainment the average person can stomach. There comes a time when watching yet another box set just feels disappointing.

Switch up your spare time a little bit and get stuck into a topic that interests you. Perhaps you like investing, or maybe you're into nutrition. Whatever it is, pursue that topic and give yourself some real knowledge and expertise. You'll be surprised just how much you can learn by yourself.

Go On A Road Trip

When life gets a little stale, there's nothing to stop you from upping sticks and going for a road trip.

Road trips are the perfect antidote to boredom for many reasons. First, they're a quick and easy way to find new places. But they're also an excellent way to meet new people. While you're on the road, visit a bunch of different campsites and don't be afraid to get involved with what other people are doing. If there's a game of frisbee going on, ask to join in.

Your Life Is Boring: Here's What To Do About It

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Change Your Job

Many people think that they're stuck doing the same job, year after year. But it's rarely the case that there are no other economic opportunities available, even in a downturn.

If you hate your work, take a bit of time to consider how it is that you'd like to make your money. Even if you can't achieve your goals to begin with, striving for them makes life a lot less boring. You feel less trapped, more engaged, and able to shape your destiny.

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